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Topic: How to run a Magic Workshop - 3 DVD set
Message: Posted by: Red Shadow (Mar 1, 2015 03:50PM)
How to run a Magic Workshop - 3 DVD set

This post is admittedly a plug. But I don't talk about my products much and it seemed better to start a new thread rather than derail some of the others.

Have you ever wanted to earn more money during the week? Have you ever been asked to teach someone magic but didn't know what tricks to show them?
This DVD set will show you all the tricks to teach children and adults in groups or in private lessons. Maximising profits and storage space to offer informative classes that keep the students coming back for more.
From summer camps to after-school clubs, adult courses to reward shows - teaching magic is a huge money-earner and this DVD set reveals all the secrets you need to know.

DVD 1 - Live Magic Workshops 2015
Workshop 1: 1 hour, 12 minutes
Workshop 2: 59 minutes

DVD 2 - Magic School
23 Tricks that I teach in the workshops, fully performed & explained. 1 hour, 59 minutes

DVD 3 - Explanation
A full breakdown of the cases, markets to target, structure and fee. 1 hour, 31 minutes

DVD 3 Bonus Folder (put in computer to open) -
27 page booklet on workshops
Trick handouts & templates
Two full workshops from 2007 (mp4):
Body Tricks: 59 minutes
Rings Tricks: 55 minutes
Widescreen, Non-Region Encoded, NTSC Video format (Playable worldwide).

Running Time: 7 hours, 58 minutes

Message: Posted by: Zuke (Mar 4, 2015 08:19AM)
This looks quite interesting.

I used James Munton's for years but then people started to get a bit narky about the kids just getting a ziplock bag of cr*p. I knew a local guy who would buy standard tricks in bulk (eg. floating match etc.) then teach and give these away which made the parents feel they were getting a bit more bang for their buck.

Are you considering releasing these as a download? The shipping costs from the UK tend to be hideous which is why I only buy DVD's as a download now.
Message: Posted by: Danny Kazam (Mar 4, 2015 12:20PM)
Yes Zuke, this does look very interresting.

@Steve, do you have a release date yet?
Message: Posted by: Tukaram (Mar 5, 2015 01:23AM)
This does look pretty good. Actually a lot on your site looks good :)

But the shipping to the Philippines is not only expensive but horridly slow. Is it available for download?
Message: Posted by: Red Shadow (Mar 5, 2015 02:03PM)
Shipping is free with any order from my site. Airmail usually means it reaches anywhere in the world within seven days. Its available to buy from my website right now.

Downloads on this title is a little tougher. A new VAT law came into effect in January of this year, which prevents me from selling downloads myself. The six+ hours of content also means Murphys and others are going to have nightmares with the high file size. Most buyers are not technically minded and direct downloads tend to crash out with larger files. So basicly, its DVD only, from my site at the moment.
Message: Posted by: MichaelCGM (Mar 10, 2015 02:10PM)
Just out of curiosity, what kind of money can be made in magic camps? If it's reasonable, I'd definitely buy the DVDs.
Message: Posted by: Red Shadow (Mar 10, 2015 03:08PM)
Magic camps - almost nothing. Its not a market I would advise unless you live near one. The biggest market for workshops are after-school clubs where big money can be made, depending on which route you choose to enter it.

However it will never pay the same as a show can, its only something I would advise someone doing if you want more midweek work (at a lower fee) or have a reason (such as you are a teacher) and know the information will be of use to you.

It does have other advantages (such as increasing your google ranking) and I do about 30 workshops a year, usually in schools all midweek. So the information will pay for itself with just one booking.