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Issue 13

From the Editor
Show Me The Funny
A Professional Magician Can Seem So Uncharitable
Misdirection is the Main Ingredient
Ten Little Secrets
Feature: Daryl - The magicians magician
Interview: Jim Steinmeyer
Married In Magic
The Magicians Cabaret
Ten Brushes With Greatness
Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism
Bello Nock Rocks Broadway
Six Short Stories
Tapping Your Own Creative Potential
David Berglas Q&A
Car Launch
Ten New Rules For Magicians
Testimonials, Reviews, & Comments
Outerbridge - Who's That?
Do You Have A Back Up Show?
Child's Play - Giving back to the community
Save Time And Be More Productive With This One Tool
Bricks And Mortar: Denny and Lee magic studio
The Archer
Phoney Escape
Creativity - scarf through body
Magic Reviews
Issue 14
Feature Story on Bill Abbott
From the Editor
Show Me The Funny II
TV Magic and TV Magicians - Good Or Bad?
Ten Little Secrets
Bill Abbott - Feature Story
Married In Magic
Little Tiger Balloon Twisting
An honor and A privilege
Breaking the dated mold of magic
Timothy Leary's brain
Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism
The benefits of staying calm in the face of chaos
David Berglas Q&A
Red Hot Acts
Developing an illusion: Prototype to Performance
Getting That Great Photo
Child's play - Corporate summer work
Facebook Fan Pages for performers
Bricks And Mortar: International Magic
Imaginary Circumstances
Unservice bell
Slide-out impression card box
The Miracle Bill & Change
Creativity - feeding the pet
Magic Reviews
Issue 15
Feature Story Russ Stevens
From the Editor
My Gift to the magic community
Ten Little Secrets
Video Or Book?
Russ Stevens - Feature Story
Married In Magic
Balloon Art
Red Hot Acts
Mr. CEO & Mr. EXEC
Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism
Magic: The Current Stage and future
Things are not usual anymore
The Wizard and the conjuror
Where Can I Go To Suck?
Outerbridge - A day in the life of ...
The Magic Assistant
Child's play - How Long should your act be?
Bricks And Mortar: International Magic
Imaginary Circumstances
Performing Table Design
The Royal Change
The Bermuda Triangle
Spoon Stunt
Interactive Magic
Magic Reviews
Issue 16
Feature Story Matt Franco
From the Editor
The Million Dollar Magician Mat Franco
10 Tips for Professional close-up magicians
The confusing magic trick
Farewell to Joanie Spina
Ten Little Secrets
Lost in translation
David Regal: Creativity never sleeps
Married in magic
Balloon Art
Red Hot Acts - Jasz Vegas
When there's no bang for the buck
Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism
Harpo Marx magic
The Marx Brothers TV Collection Review
Playing Big
Finding Just the Right Music
Outerbridge - media appearances
Bricks and mortar shops
Magic Mind Magic maps
Head for drinking
Performing table 2
One Ahead
Match up
Hotel hydrostatic glass
Magic Reviews
Issue 17
Feature Story Andrew Gerard
From the Editor
Andrew Gerard Interview
The Importance of wonder
Entertaining Kids
Ten Little Secrets
Delusional Illusionists
Micky Hades: A passion for magic
Legends of magic: Fielding West
Married in magic
Balloon Art
Red hot acts - Jarred Fell
The Age of Aquarius
Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism
The Trend in The German Magic Scene
Stage Fright
A wizard's manifesto
Martin Lewis and the facebook post
Mayhem, madness and magic
Head for drinking
Performing tables #3
Key-Rect pateo
Wholly Smokes
Knab night
Magic Reviews
Issue 18
Feature Story Anthony Owen
From the Editor
Bamboozlers - Diamond Jim - trick
ACAAN by Charles Gauci - trick
Victorious by Josh Janousky - trick
Handy business by Danny Archer - trick
This Cup Production by Louie Foxx - trick
The Importance of wonder - Ben Robinson
Entertaining Kids - Tim Manix
Anthony Owen - The television man
Ten Little Secrets - Timothy Hyde
Romany - Dream it, believe it, do it ...
*** kids - Jeff Hobson
Road case ruminations by Ted Outerbridge
Bricks and mortar shops - Tannens
Ray Lum - The Triple Threat magician
Married in magic by Matthew Fallon
Red hot acts - Kristian Skovbo
Hocus Porcus - Steve Spill
Mentalism - An Adventure in Mysticism
Constructing a really strong magic show - Nick Lewin
To Boldly Go - Bill Gladwell
Magic & Public speaking - Tobias Beckwith
Q&A with two presidents by Daz Buckley
Raising Children in Magic by Steve Gore
Magic Reviews

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