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Topic: A Questionable Trick
Message: Posted by: warren (Mar 5, 2015 01:38PM)
Whenever I've been put on the spot and asked to show something my main go to effect is Sankey's Mr Clean coins across as I just love this effect :) however as I was watching an old dvd of Greg Wilson's ie On The Spot I thought I would try out his copper silver transpo a questionable trick as in the past I've always over looked this item as I have my own copper silver routine.

I performed the effect 3 times whilst at work for different people and was surprised at how well this played, it played much better than I thought it would which just goes to show unless you actually try something for real people you'll never know the effects true worth.
Message: Posted by: harris (Mar 5, 2015 01:58PM)

This morning, I actually used the feature of the Boston Box, rather than using it as I usually do as just a coin box.

The response was worth the effort.

Interestingly, one of the teens asked to look at the bottom of the box. I handed the box and he turned it over, which led to more puzzled look and then a smile from the other students.

still with palms of aluminum foil for a lighter touch in coin magic
Message: Posted by: warren (Mar 5, 2015 03:40PM)
Harris it's amazing how many things we overlook especially the simple things.
Message: Posted by: Philip Busk (Mar 8, 2015 04:20PM)
Hmm. A questionable trick is on my list of go-back-to tricks to review. This might move it up the list. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: warren (Mar 8, 2015 04:59PM)
I've been having great fun with it lately and I'm sure you will too, I've changed the ending a little to allow me to make a big deal about how fare everything is and how I want the spectator to see everything as clearly as possible, then as the coins change places with sleeves rolled up I can show my hands to be empty except for the transposed coin which I believe really strengthens the routine.

I'm in two minds regards the little riddle at the beginning of the effect though as virtually everyone I've shown it to gets the answer wrong and the last thing I want is for my spectators to feel stupid although I do make a joke out of it by saying that I got it wrong the first two times that I heard it lol
Message: Posted by: Philip Busk (Mar 8, 2015 07:28PM)
Yeah I wondered about the riddle. I'll have to road test it some to see if it works for me. What Greg can get away with is way different then what most people can.
Message: Posted by: warren (Mar 9, 2015 03:45AM)
[quote]On Mar 8, 2015, Philip Busk wrote:
Yeah I wondered about the riddle. I'll have to road test it some to see if it works for me. What Greg can get away with is way different then what most people can. [/quote]

I have come up with a more spectator friendly presentation myself and decided to just use the riddle presentation for work mates only.
Message: Posted by: Kuzushi (Mar 9, 2015 03:52PM)
I'm not familiar with this one. Can anybody explain the effect?
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 9, 2015 04:35PM)
If I remember this one right, the riddle is supposed to set up the following trick, something like…"That was a trick question (as to the little preliminary puzzle), this is a Questionable Trick." It is just a setup (play on words) to get into the magic and I think it works well enough, whether specs get it right or wrong. :)

It's a small effect but a very good one, and as warren mentioned above, it's fun and truly amazes folks! Nice to find a really good trick using those now very little pennies & dimes nowadays. Don't let that stop you, because the little effect plays pretty BIG! with some good little moves to it. And that's really all it takes for some really cute coin magic with this. :D

And it's pretty easy to do I remember, the kind of trick you'd find in an old magic book, long since forgotten once you get on to bigger and better things at a real magic shop. Only this one is pretty darn good, one you might find yourself doing quite a bit, maybe even always, now and again. :) Absolutely worth checking out and or revisiting. :)
Message: Posted by: warren (Mar 9, 2015 05:49PM)
[quote]On Mar 9, 2015, Kuzushi wrote:
I'm not familiar with this one. Can anybody explain the effect? [/quote]
It's basically a copper / silver transposition that happens in the spectators hands.
Message: Posted by: BrianMillerMagic (Mar 9, 2015 08:41PM)
I adore this trick. It plays big in the real world, and the riddle is one that, surprisingly, many haven't heard.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 16, 2015 10:43AM)
I did this trick again this morning for the Dental Asst. during my appointment. She couldn't quite figure out the little puzzle but the magic of the coins changing places made her break out in amazement that I've never seen from her before. She's usually stern and all business while I'm there in that chair, but today I saw real happiness released in her as she just could not believe what happened to her. :D
Message: Posted by: J-Mac (Mar 16, 2015 01:19PM)
Basically the same as a number of other variations. Try playing it like Pocket Passport. Use a simple prop to "cause" the change to occur. (I seem to remember someone talking about using their daughter's or granddaughter's gold bracelet: she would hold it up to or wave her wrist at the posket and then the closed fist, seemingly making the transpo work!)

I love copper/silver effects!

Message: Posted by: Ray Haining (Mar 16, 2015 02:17PM)
Using a penny and a dime is a nice, impromptu way to do a version of copper and silver in the spectator's hand normally done with an English penny and a half-dollar. The method used by Wilson is the same as "2nd Phase to Silver & Copper Transposition" given in "The Close-up Magic of Frank Garcia," part 1 (1982). I don't know if it's original with Garcia.
Message: Posted by: Ray Haining (Mar 16, 2015 03:01PM)
Now that I think of it, I think Garcia got it from Francis Carlyle. I'm not sure if it was original with Carlyle either.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 18, 2015 09:47PM)
[quote]On Mar 16, 2015, J-Mac wrote:
.... Try playing it like Pocket Passport...
I love copper/silver effects!
Jim [/quote]

Yeah Mac, I love Pocket Passport as well (probably even more so), same sorta play but with larger coins. Had a bit of fun playing with the little coins again, been a long time since I've done anything with a penny and dime. :)
Message: Posted by: Rectify (Apr 17, 2015 12:30PM)
Looks like I'll be breaking out On the Spot again. I feel like all of the effects Gregory included there are little gems