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Topic: Excuse me,I donīt speak English
Message: Posted by: Jammes Garibo (Mar 6, 2015 07:57PM)
Chalk-talker's comic trickartoons ed Harris.
Excuse me,I donīt speak English
Busco este libro alguien me lo puede proporcionar?
Llevo muchos aņos intentando conseguir aunque sea una copia.
Message: Posted by: Ferran Rizo (Mar 20, 2015 10:57PM)
He is saying that he is looking for Ed Harris Book's Chalk-talker's comic trickartoons. If some one has it or know where to find it. Just drop him a line...
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (May 3, 2015 12:07PM)
Hello Jammes-

I was unable to find my binder full of Ed Harris material....I may have sent it off to my Niece, she does cartooning.


The Miracle Factory has published sets of DVD's of "The New Tops", Abbott Magic's magazine, where Ed Harris' material was published monthly.


Ed Harris published a cartoon each month in this magazine, and you will probably find more examples on the DVD than are in his book.

'The New Tops' DVD is $20, and the 2-disc 'Tops' is $40. You may want to ask Todd Karr or Abbott's Magic if Ed Harris material appeared in 'The Tops' magazine. The Tops magazine was the first, earlier one, and I am not sure if Harris material was in that magazine.
I learned his cartooning from The New Tops,. so for $20 you will get a LOT of material you can use. I have used this material in the past 15 years, doing cartoon shows at our Fairs. I demonstrate the more difficult ones, and teach the simple ones to the kids.
All the best. You can see my Art Center pictures on my Facebook Albums pages. They may give you some ideas you can use.
All the best-