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Topic: English Koornwinder Instructions
Message: Posted by: MasterOfUnnormal (Mar 11, 2015 11:14AM)
Hi, life long Tenyo fan and failed magician here. Bought the Koornwinder from Japan at a huge saving the other month, but sadly it turned out to be Japanese language only dispite the English on the box. Can anyone help please?
Message: Posted by: MasterOfUnnormal (Mar 13, 2015 07:17AM)
I'm not after a pristine Koornwinder - after all I opened the box, so should I be thinking of sending my Japanese instructions back to Tenyo for an exchange of language? Could anyone reccommend anyone at Tenyo I should contact via email to instigate this please, as my props are sitting here looking sorry for themselves ? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: edshern (Mar 13, 2015 11:26AM)
Hi Master,
They did it for me :) Check out this post.

Message: Posted by: MasterOfUnnormal (Mar 13, 2015 01:53PM)
Hi, thanks Ed. Someone kindly came to the rescue today, but well worth me bearing in mind as ordering English Language editions seems a bit of a minefield!
Message: Posted by: MasterOfUnnormal (Mar 27, 2015 11:03AM)
Someone really kindly sent me a PDF last week but my machine couldn't open it as anything other than blank so still looking for these, thanks.
Message: Posted by: joseruiz (Apr 2, 2016 06:18PM)
I just purchased the Koornwinder Kar and got instructions but not in English. Can anyone help?
Message: Posted by: Ximines (May 26, 2016 11:27PM)
I also need a copy of English instructions / any help is appreciated!
Message: Posted by: edshern (May 27, 2016 04:35PM)
If you will PM me your email I send you a copy.
Message: Posted by: GreatLorenzo (May 6, 2019 04:29PM)
I just purchased the "new" Koornwinder Kar by Tenyo and got Japanese language instructions only. Can anyone help with the English language pdf?