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Topic: Miniature bicycle cards
Message: Posted by: Kevin Wilson 2 (Mar 15, 2015 06:57PM)
I am trying to find miniature decks of Bicycle playing cards...both blue and red back. Does anyone have a source to find them as I can't and have been looking for sometime now?
Message: Posted by: silvercup (Mar 16, 2015 10:48AM)
Google is your friend.
Message: Posted by: zoic (Apr 10, 2015 06:05PM)
I got one and made up an invisible deck with it.
Message: Posted by: Failed Magician (May 24, 2015 08:36AM)
I am also looking for some. My kids have been interested in card tricks since they see me holding a deck of cards for so many times.

I am thinking, who knows they will be better than I am now. I'm not gonna push them to like it, even after getting a deck of cards and they're bored with it, I'm okay with that.

Is there any Bicycle deck suitable for kids under 10 years old?

Message: Posted by: Bowevil (May 24, 2015 07:34PM)
I picked up some black rounder mini decks and my 8 year old can handle them pretty well.
Message: Posted by: Failed Magician (May 25, 2015 09:09AM)
Where can I get it from?
Message: Posted by: Bowevil (May 25, 2015 03:04PM)
Mini rounders:
Mini black arcane:
Mini artifice:
Message: Posted by: Failed Magician (May 26, 2015 02:15AM)
Thanks a lot!
Message: Posted by: algebraic (Nov 15, 2015 12:59PM)
Presently mini bicycle # 404 playing cards are no longer made. They are very hard to find now.
Message: Posted by: RDeNatale (Jun 20, 2016 06:12PM)
[quote]On Nov 15, 2015, algebraic wrote:
Presently mini bicycle # 404 playing cards are no longer made. They are very hard to find now. [/quote]
USPCC does make mini_hoyle cards http://www.bicyclecards.com/product/hoyle-mini-playing-cards/ I've used these in conjunction with a bike deck for Diamond Jim Tyler's "small card" effect. The back designs are close enough. The red pips are a slightly different hue but the effect still works.
Message: Posted by: Gbhunter77 (Jul 27, 2016 11:07PM)
Im guessing I should hold on to my mini bikes then!
Message: Posted by: AndreaMooreMagic (Oct 5, 2016 04:12PM)
Most mini bikes are made with just regular stock. Anyone knows where to find a 'bike quality' mini deck?
Message: Posted by: mcmc (Sep 24, 2018 09:38AM)
AndreaMooreMagic, I don't think I have ever seen true Bicycle stock / air-cushion finish mini bikes, which is unfortunate because the mini 404's are not that much thinner than a regular pack, so they could have totally done so.

If anyone is looking for mini 404's, I have a small handful of old school ones that I never got around to using.
Message: Posted by: Deckstacker (Apr 11, 2019 01:42AM)
If anyone still needs these, just search for "Bicycle Rider Mini" on eBay right now. I'm waiting for 3 decks--2 blue, 1 red--to arrive in tomorrow's mail. Cost for 3 decks = $11.99 with free shipping. They're advertised as being plastic coated with air cushion finish just like the regular size cards. There are also eBay listings for 1 or 2 decks starting around $6-$7.
Message: Posted by: Deckstacker (Apr 12, 2019 01:40AM)
Quick addendum: My 3 mini decks came today and positively DO NOT have a stippled, air-cushion finish but rather are quite glossy. Also the stock is more like some Chinese decks that identify as "paper" and seems like it would take a permanent crease easily. Color me very disappointed.
Message: Posted by: vanp8 (Oct 19, 2019 07:12PM)
I recently received boxes of magic from a fellow magician who passed away. He seemed to have the right idea of stocking up on duplicate props when they were available. I remember when Walgreens use to have the miniature bicycle cards around Christmas . Wish I had extra to share.
Message: Posted by: B.W. McCarron (Jan 15, 2020 02:19PM)
I see that an Amazon seller has mini Bicycle decks in stock. The last photo in the set of seven shows how the size of this deck compares to Poker and Big Box Bicycle sizes. At $1.99 per deck and free shipping, that's not a bad deal IMHO. But then again, I haven't ordered any, so can't judge the finish.

Message: Posted by: judagar (Feb 14, 2020 06:26PM)
Great effect with mini bikes....http://www.obrienmagic.com/store/p29/minideck.html
Message: Posted by: todsky (Feb 28, 2021 02:43PM)
Mini bikes are now available at your favourite magic shop, including mine: