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Topic: Double Stick Tape Removal - FOB
Message: Posted by: Christopher Moro (Mar 17, 2015 07:42PM)
Hi guys - not sure if this is the best place to post, but I have a strip of double stick tape stuck to the inside of the "FOB" cover. Impossible to peel. I've soaked and rubbed lighter fluid, but due to the very thin space to work with, I can't seem to get it to come off. Anyone have any tips?

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 18, 2015 02:50PM)
Goo Gone, is the product you are looking for, but I believer you have destroyed the plastic forever using lighter fluid. Better to now buy a new trick, or find a new fob and replace it. The lighter fluid chemically melts the stick-um / glue into the plastic. I also learned the hard way.

I found the clear fobs on line in the UK, they seem to be only available from their. Had to buy a doze, but is was only a few dollars.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Moro (Mar 18, 2015 06:40PM)
Thanks for answering, Bill! On both threads :)

I think I got lucky on this one. After letting lighter fluid soak overnight (it evaporated in a few minutes I'm sure) and continually replenishing the soak, I managed to get a corner peeled up. It was then that I could stick a pair of tweezers into the cover and slowly peel the tape off. When I say slowly, it was about 15 minutes, so pretty tedious. I was then able to get the residue off with a q-tip and lighter fluid.

I got lucky because the tape breaks while you try to peel it and if it breaks without leaving some of the tape still peeled up, you're SOL and have to start over.

It looks like the plastic is fine after the lighter fluid treatment. What happened to yours? Did it fog up?
The fob covers are on sale at Penguin Magic, but those are much more than a few dollars. Did you find a matching fob in the UK?
Message: Posted by: AGMagic (Mar 23, 2015 01:05PM)
Bill is right about Goo Gone. Another great alternative is WD-40. either product will work much faster and easier than lighter fluid, they are less flamable and won't damage plastic or most other hard surfaces.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Moro (Mar 23, 2015 07:34PM)
So to recap for everyone....

Yes to Goo Gone
Yes to WD-40
Yes to Lighter Fluid

No to fingernail polish remover

This should help a lot of us with all things plastic. Thanks everyone!