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Topic: Rope shears are for wimps!
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Feb 8, 2004 03:41PM)
Hi gang,

I was looking at tricky rope shears the other day, and due to my rather frugal nature (ahemmm...) I put my mind to alternatives. Then I thought, in the real world, [b]who carries a pair of shears around in his (or her) pocket, anyhow?[/b] Now, I know it's traditional, and all that, BUT WHY??

I came up with a perfect alternative: [b]a one-hand opening, buck-type, lock-blade knife[/b]. For a lot less than I would pay for the open/no-open shears, I got the perfect "weapon" and this beauty has about a 5" blade that snaps out with a very audible, attention-getting, menacing-sounding CLICK with a snap of the wrist.


And I can use the thing for card stabbing, envelope opening, throat slicing, lemon slicing, or just about any other use my diabolical mind can put it too. An added bonus with the particular knife I bought, it comes with a clip on one side, probably for clipping to one's belt. This would make a great holdout for coins, etc.

BTW, these things are prefectly legal in my state, but [b]may not be legal in all jurisdictions[/b]. Check with your local sheriff!

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 8, 2004 04:12PM)
Cheaptrick, it is good you did not purchase the cut-not scissors, as they will not cut rope. They are for a gag to try and cut paper. You will have to have that knife real sharp to cut rope as easily as a scissors.

Just my thoughts.
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Feb 8, 2004 08:18PM)
I didn't know that about "cut/no-cut".

This knife is very high quality. It's 440 stainless steel and takes a good edge. It's also partially serrated. They now sell an inexpensive honer for the serated part.

I use a sharpening steel on other knives I own. You can't use a steel on serrated edges, though.

Works pretty good.

Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Feb 8, 2004 10:24PM)
I was thinking...hmmm...who walks around with a one-hand opening buck-type knife...and furthermore, who walks around with eight or so feet of rope, soft cotton no less? Nobody I know.

Anyway, in over 25 years, nobody has ever, ever questioned my use of a pair of shears. So it's a non-issue for me.

I guess I'll just have to suffer the stigma of being a wimp.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Feb 8, 2004 11:22PM)
Me big wimp too. :)
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Feb 9, 2004 09:46AM)
Steve and Pete,

You guys are probably right, but I live in a TOUGH neighborhood, and LOTS of guys (women, too) around here walk around with buck knives and SOME with a handy length of rope.

Magically, though, from a showmanship point of view, this is a real attention-getter with BUILT-IN misdirection. I'm gonna give it a shot.

Anyone want to go bail, if I get busted?

Message: Posted by: 0pus (Feb 9, 2004 05:12PM)

I think you would look great in a black leather jacket as a biker magician.
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Feb 9, 2004 06:18PM)
Alright, Opus!

I'll wear my black leather jacket. Good idea.

Message: Posted by: Payne (Feb 12, 2004 06:16PM)
When performing I wear a 15-inch dagger but still use scissors to cut my rope as they are faster and allow me to do cuts, like cutting off the ends, that a dagger can not readily do.
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Feb 13, 2004 10:54PM)
I did my "Appearing Knife" schtick last night in a club contest. Didn't cut any rope, just liberated a $20 bill from a lemon. The knife, itself, had a lot of impact, though a lot of folks thought I was using a switchblade.

I've cut a lot of (clothesline) rope with this thing in practice. You are right, this thing really is razor sharp, but scissors do a better job of trimming knots and real fussy stuff.

Next thing will be the Kellar String trick [b]with the pig sticker[/b] cutting the string. I've got a pretty good routine worked out that winds up with Scott Gwinn's ring on a string.

I don't think many folks are doing the Kellar thing.

Message: Posted by: irossall (Feb 17, 2004 06:19AM)
Magicians are not "normal" people, so having unusual items on one's person is "normal" if you are a magician.

Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Feb 17, 2004 10:54PM)
Being an old army guy, I "ALWAYS" have my leatherman wave on my belt and a clip knife "in my pocket". I am embarressed to say I lost a very expensive clip knife (the first one I owned) because I put it on my belt and it either got hooked on something or it got lifted on a trip to Honduras. Either way, I learned the safety of putting your knife inside your pocket, with the clip on the outside. And, with a little practice, you can have it out fairly quickly anyway.

Steven and Peter, it's not wimpy, it's preference. I am personally very happy with my setup. When I went from a special ops environment to electronic warfare maintenance, lots of guys I worked with thought I was nuts. It's whatever you are comfortable with.

Steve :baby:

P.S. Doesn't everybody carry at least 100' of rapelling rope with them in their evac bag, all the time??? It comes in real handy for doing rope tricks. :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Apr 14, 2004 10:36AM)
Please let us know right after that razor sharp knife squirts blood all over the floor and your props...

Come to think of it, a blood squirting knife would make a pretty sellable 'gag'....dibs on the idea...
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Apr 16, 2004 05:51PM)
On 2004-04-14 11:36, Tom Jorgenson wrote:
Please let us know right after that razor sharp knife squirts blood all over the floor and your props...

Actually the thing is pretty safe. It has a positive locking mechanism, and reasonable prudence keeps you free from cuts.

The big advantage is it's a one-handed operation, and snapping it open is great misdirection. (The specs think it's a switch blade.)

Come to think of it, a blood squirting knife would make a pretty sellable 'gag'....dibs on the idea...

Yeah, a blood capsule, and a little acting would make things interesting.

Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Apr 19, 2004 07:41PM)
Who carries around shears? A magician doing a rope trick. It's no big deal. Don't over think it.
I have never had anyone question the use of scissors!

As for the knife, I would not use a knife because I let the spectator do most of the cutting. (Expecially kids.) Scissors work perfectly for this. If you let your spectators do the cutting then you might want to think about it too.
Message: Posted by: John Cass (May 2, 2004 09:52PM)
Wiss makes a set of electrician shears that look like the kind of scissors kids use in kindergarten, but they are sharp and tough enough to cut a copper penny in half.

Get them from places that carry tools for the electrical trade.
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (May 17, 2004 01:18PM)
The best and most inexpensive shears for ropes that I've discovered:

Pruning shears in the gardening department. They make smaller sizes, perfect to use, as well as the larger ones, they can cut thru a tree limb so rope is nothing to them, and if you grind down the points round on your grinder, they are safe for spectators to handle, and safe for your pocket...won't poke holes. Plus they have locking blades, a feature that shears do not have. They are also spring loaded.

Did I mention that they were perfect for this job? And at abut $3 to $5, they are a 'Best buy"...check BigLots for them.