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Topic: Favorite palming technique.
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Mar 20, 2015 04:00AM)

My favorite is the one handed top palm as taught in Expert At The Card Table.
I'm interested in hearing what methods others may be using.
Does anyone know of a really clean palm that leaves you in a real clean condition to start a shuffle?

Paul's response:

Favorite Palm? The right one for the job at hand!

As a battered Vernon-Miller-McMillen acolyte I favor Erdnase approaches to palming, but certainly have resorted to some of the gambling fraternity's ploys from time to time.

If you are starting out, try just holding a card without any tells. The most obvious, other that actually allowing people to see the card in your hand, is the tension or stress that shows as you palm the card. It shows in the back of your hand most often.
Think about how best to eliminate that tension and you will be heading toward the Bauer top palm others have mentioned.

Some notes on the diagonal palm shift have been described in John Lukas "Lint" - there is other unpublished info that I will post if anyone is interested. Also, many methods for "SKINNING THE HAND" are unpublished and apply beautifully to small packet tricks. Any interest?

Some useful adjuncts to bottom palming are in an as yet unpublished McMillen manuscript, but Jack gave permission to share that material anytime. These include material used by Vernon most of his later life. Again, any interest? Best, PSC