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Topic: Are there any great card effects/secrets that haven't yet been revealed?
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Mar 20, 2015 08:39PM)

With the wealth of information out there I've pondered this from time to time.

Paul's response:

Consider this - You produce a deck of cards as your opening.The deck gets smaller each time you do a trick. No attention is drawn to this, it just happens as you go along, until you are finally down to 1 card, the last selection in the series of tricks you've been performing. You vanish it as the conclusion of your set.

The slowly diminishing deck as an adjunct to your set is not even brought to the spectators attention: quite the opposite. When they try to tell you that you are not "working with a full deck" you are insulted, taking the comment as an insult to your intelligence, not an observation on the condition of the deck. The possibilities for running gags, character development, etc. are great.

This HAS been alluded to in print, but never detailed. Any guesses as to by who, where, how, etc.?

There are many things like this around, but they are the stuff of dreams, rumors unsubstatiated, methods unwritten.

How about Charlie Millers' Whisky Bottle Production?

The true story of the Card to Wallet? And the real presentation for it?

Don Alans' presentation for the Koornwinder car?

How to actually fix the Ambitious Card so that it has a point? And a finish?

Yes, there are many Secrets not yet revealed...

Best, PSC