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Topic: Review Request: Secret Art of Magic?
Message: Posted by: Doug Peters (Feb 9, 2004 11:26AM)
Could someone, having read The Secret Art of Magic by Nowlin Craver & Eric Evans, post a review?


thanks, Doug
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Feb 10, 2004 06:01AM)
It's fantastic!!!! It'll take you a while to work through it. I got it back around Christmas, am on my third go through and am still getting a lot out of it. There is so much in it. It's the kind of book that can affect how you think about your performances BUT it takes a lot of careful thought and hard work.

I wrote something about it in this forum a while back. . .I think the heading was "books about theory and to improve your performance". . .something like that.

Here it is:


Message: Posted by: themaestro (Feb 12, 2004 02:17PM)
Thanks again, Mark.

Here is a link to a thread in another part of the forum with more comments about it...