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Topic: Which Barmagic DVD for beginner?
Message: Posted by: fengenroll (Feb 11, 2004 09:20AM)
Hi guys,

I currently work as a bartender in NYC, but I just got interested in magic, and I need some real "novice material" to get me started. I've seen the Doc Eason three DVD set, but it's too advanced for me, and I had a hard time following his complex routines.

A DVD containing routines with cards, coins, napkins, straws and stuff would be nice.

Suggestions anyone?
Message: Posted by: Bill Thomas (Feb 11, 2004 01:55PM)
I really like the, Doc Eason videos but I think you could have fun with material off Greg Wilson's [i]On the Spot[/i] video. I think the material on the video is great for bar stuff, he does a lot of his performance in a bar. Not from behind the bar though.

I'm sure there are other great videos/DVDs you could get for bar stuff, maybe some other posts will set you in the right direction. Greg Wilson's stuff is good material and I think you will find some things you can really use off the video. Also, Carl Andrews has a couple of good videos, he does restaurant work but a lot of it would work nicely in the bar and his routines are fairly easy to learn and are workable. Just my opinion, I hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Dan Magyari (Feb 11, 2004 06:00PM)
Material-wise, I would suggest you get both volumes of the Magic Menu (books). This was a periodical for restaurant and bar workers. There is enough usable and workable material in those volumes to keep you busy for ten lifetimes, in addition to all of the important commentary regarding working in those environs.

BUT, before you do that, since you're in New York, I would hook up with Jamy Ian Swiss and just take some lessons. This will benefit you much more than struggling trying to find out what works or doesn't on your own. Take advantage of being around a great teacher like Jamy - I would if I still lived in New York. Of course, he won't let you perform anything until it's ready. That's the only drawback (if you call it a drawback).

Good luck.
Message: Posted by: fengenroll (Feb 13, 2004 08:45AM)
Hey Dan, Sounds interesting, do you have any information about Jamy Ian Swiss, to be honest - I'v never heard of him, but then again, I'm a total novice..

But a e-mail or web-site would be great..
Thank you.