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Topic: Journalism vs. Stenography
Message: Posted by: landmark (May 1, 2015 07:14AM)
If you'd like to read about why the mainstream media is hopeless, I highly recommend Glenn Greenwald's brilliant analysis:

Message: Posted by: tommy (May 1, 2015 07:26AM)
I have a pal who married a rich lady who owns the business that provides all the stenographers to the courts over here.

I think the way they do it here is different than in the USA.

Here now one can get a recording, so I have just been told.
Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (May 1, 2015 07:47AM)
Interesting article.

Two things occur to me. Why did he waste those opinions on tweets? He could have written a proper article on a proper media platform, with facts to back up his views. Old fashioned journalism, in other words.

And his colleagues will not take this lying down. They will strike and he will have his job back swiftly. And rightly so.