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Topic: Magic Apps exposed in Yahoo Article
Message: Posted by: Doughlas (May 16, 2015 09:33AM)
Stumbled across this article this morning "A Thorough Review of 20 Magic Apps for Your Phone" which exposes how most of the most popular magic apps done with your phone are done, including Greg Rostami's effects. Very disappointing to see this out there as a major news article on the front page of Yahoo this morning. https://www.yahoo.com/tech/the-ultimate-review-20-magic-apps-for-your-phone-118960363524.html
Message: Posted by: george1953 (May 16, 2015 12:04PM)
I had to laugh, this p###k says he's doing this as a public service ! I repeat he's a P###K!!!
Message: Posted by: James Mattox (May 16, 2015 01:14PM)
I just read through the ones about Gregs apps... Not sure I'd say he "exposed". Pretty much the same info you'd find on the iTunes sales page
Message: Posted by: RogerTheShrubber (Jul 27, 2015 11:12AM)
I hate to admit it, you can't imagine how much, but the article saved me $16. I was interested in City Prediction because so many of my friends and family are extensive travelers and I was happy with how I thought it worked (VR), but what he did expose of the trick made me lose interest. I don't much care for the requirement and I didn't like the way given to work around it.

The article did sell me on a few others, so I can apply my saved $16 to that and I'll eventually be spending more than $16 anyway, but I'm actually glad that I know what I know now instead of having spent $16 on a trick I'd never bother to use. Had I paid for the app and then learned what I'd need to do to use it, I wouldn't have been happy with the purchase at all and would have wound up deleting it on the spot. With four kids, two cars and a home along with a retirement to fund, the amount of pocket cash my wife and I each get per month to spend on personal interests / hobbies / fun is low enough to the point that I'd actually regret completely wasting $16 because it's about a tenth of what I can spend monthly on my own stuff. So, sad as it is, sometimes even a p***k winds up doing something that works in your favor.