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Topic: Boys night out or Thanks Pal
Message: Posted by: Neale Bacon (Feb 13, 2004 01:33PM)
I have developed a new packet effect for kids workers based on the handling of the above tricks.

Does anyone know who holds the rights to either?

Boys Night Out is a card trick where you show some pictures of cute girls and say you are picking a date. After process of elimination, you end up with one. You try it with an audience member to see their date and they get stuck with an ugly girl.

Thanks Pal is based on that trick but uses menu items. You get dinner, they get the cheque.

My version is called Pick A Pet , and is about picking a pet from a pet shop. I get a cute pet, they get a stinky skunk, or could be done on them first and I get stuck with the skunk.

I would like to see if they are still on the market and who I should talk to about mine.