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Topic: The Problem with Coins Through Table
Message: Posted by: NebA (May 25, 2015 04:30PM)
Hi everyone,

I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed; I tried searching it but did not find any similar results, so please point me to the right thread if there is one already.

I recently performed a coins through table effect for someone, and I asked for her opinion on whether it was impressive or not. She seemed to feel that it was weakened by the fact that my hand was under the table, so it was suspicious because I easily could have been ditching and retrieving coins that were stuck under the table or something like that. Even if I am not doing that (which I was not), it still seems to me that the spectators would be suspicious of any instance where your hand is out of sight, which takes away from the overall effect.

Have any of you experienced this problem? And, if so, have you found any solutions? I love the Coins Through Table plot, but I also want to make sure that it is as impressive for spectators as it is for me.

Thanks a lot.
Message: Posted by: fonda57 (May 25, 2015 05:56PM)
I think it's like anything else, if you perform in a manner that suggests you are trying to outsmart your spectators then they will see things as suspicious. Not that hat I'm suggesting you perform that way.

Still, I also don't care much for that plot, coins thru table. I think the table gets in the way of the magic happening. It's a personal thing, of course.
Message: Posted by: arthur stead (May 25, 2015 06:31PM)
Your sleights, patter, misdirection and timing have to be excellent in order to fool the spectators. Check out the coins through table routine in Bobo's "Expert Coin Magic" for valuable insights.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (May 25, 2015 07:18PM)
Many ways to skin a cat with this old classic effect...I always enjoyed this oldie-but-goody from a once great member here…

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (May 25, 2015 07:23PM)
Coins through the table is one of the most magical effects I perform. If the audience is convinced the coins are above the table, the penetration is magical. If not, the trick is just a puzzle. It is a classic of magic, and the effect is timeless. If you are not getting a proper reaction, find another routine. Here is mine:
Message: Posted by: J-Mac (May 26, 2015 12:29AM)
Here's another good example from a current member who unfortunately doesn’t come around much any more - Tim Feher. :)


Message: Posted by: funsway (May 26, 2015 04:33AM)
In partial answer to the OP, this can be perfomed with NO hand below the table.

I developed such an effect for a magician with only one hand.

A tall glass like a pilsner is place between the knees under the table.

The coins are covered with the hand and pressed through the table to clink in the glass.

One at a time and uses borrowed quarters and glass.

No video yet and perhaps never -- because a two handed person would ruin the effect.

However, I am thinking of applying the techniques involved in a "standard" effect.

I offer this just to get you thinking of alternatives.
Message: Posted by: NebA (May 26, 2015 04:45PM)
Thanks a lot for the answers everyone, I appreciate the advice and the videos.

fonda, arthur, Mb, Michael, and J-Mac: I totally understand what you are saying about needing the performance to be convincing, and thanks for showing me those videos--the performances are excellent!! Still, while I know for sure that I have room to improve in that regard, I just am still a bit worried about the hand under table part because I worry that no matter how smooth I make it, my hand still goes out of sight, which might seem suspicious no matter what. I will do as you say, however, and practice some more because I certainly haven't mastered it yet.

Actually, watching the videos, I have realized part of what I was doing wrong: I should have made the focus above the table, so that the surprising part is when there is one fewer coin than there was before, rather than the surprising part being the revelation of the one under the table. I think I was drawing attention to the coins UNDER the table when I reveal them, whereas if I make the focus on the disappearance then the hand under table will become somewhat of an afterthought. I hope I explained that clearly.

Funsway, thanks for the answer as well, that is quite an interesting idea you mentioned and I will try to think about other ways of doing it. Maybe I could eliminate the table part and use another object??

Again, thanks for the responses.
Message: Posted by: Kabbalah (May 26, 2015 05:10PM)
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (May 26, 2015 06:47PM)
Message: Posted by: BeThePlunk (May 26, 2015 08:06PM)
And then there is this master -- once through the table; otherwise, just gone. And beautiful.

Message: Posted by: Dougini (May 27, 2015 07:38AM)
And then, there is The MASTER! This is the best I have EVER seen!


Message: Posted by: Dafedas B (May 27, 2015 03:21PM)
Can get very strong reaction when performed adequately. Michael Vincent's flamboyant version is possibly my favourite. If you don't mind using a shell, check out Eric Jones version as well which is very well structured. Several good ideas here and there on the NY seminars if I recall ( including M Rubinstein's routine above ). didn't know Mickey Silver version, but like the idea.
Also, you can have a coin through glass/glass door etc routine, the visual is great a reactions strong.
Message: Posted by: harris (May 28, 2015 05:47PM)
I've been a fan of this plot since my early days.
It did and does please audiences.

For a brief time I even used the doll house table version.
I hope my attempt at humor during a post on Kaps was taken lightly.
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (May 28, 2015 11:30PM)
I have 15 handing's In my 1 St hardbound Book! Ending with my Trilogy Routine! Maybe you can Find something You Like !!! :)
Message: Posted by: fonda57 (May 31, 2015 03:04PM)
Lots of good ones here, I'm gonna starting playing with it again.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (May 31, 2015 08:09PM)
HI DOUG, I was with Mickey at the magic castle when he demonstrated his signed coin thru the table .The coin even hit one of the spectators on the ankle as he yelled out loud of my God..
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jun 1, 2015 06:19AM)
I have heard about Mickey's Signed Coin Thru The Table! That was at the Castle? Wow. The guy is a true Wizard!

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jun 1, 2015 09:39AM)
Yes he had the other spectator who WAS A MAGICIAN SIGN THE COIN..
Message: Posted by: dj (Jul 6, 2015 01:05PM)
"Coins Through Table" by James Lewis is also very strong.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jul 6, 2015 09:13PM)
[quote]On May 25, 2015, NebA wrote:
.... seemed to feel that it was weakened by the fact that my hand was under the table, so it was suspicious because I easily could have been ... [/quote]

It's good to get reactions from non-magicians and listen to where they feel something could be happening.

The Han Ping Chien routine had the feint right before you do the "move" - to create a moment where they can feel suspicious and then you proceed to show them that things are in the right places.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 7, 2015 11:11AM)
MARION Thank you for sharing the great Werner Seits
he was a master of coin magic and is missed.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 7, 2015 04:34PM)
The godfather's coins thru the table

Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Jul 8, 2015 07:46AM)
Nice take Vin. :D
Message: Posted by: Ray Haining (Jul 8, 2015 11:25AM)
Totally got me.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 8, 2015 12:06PM)
No gaffs or shells your hands are the gimmick,,,, My effect can be done with any number of coins

for the handling just pm me