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Topic: Pass Through by Cody Nottingham
Message: Posted by: Phatmeat (May 29, 2015 03:09PM)
This looks super visual...

Link: http://www.ellusionist.com/pass-through-by-cody-nottingham.html

Ad Copy:

We flew Cody Nottingham in from the quiet South, all the way to the mean streets of Manhattan to bring you Pass Through.

Pass Through is a method that allows you to produce ANY small object from an empty hand, right under the cellophane...in the fairest way possible.

A slow visual appearance that melts into view.

Cody has taken a normal card box, and transformed it into one of the strongest tools in your arsenal.
Message: Posted by: WeiserSide1 (May 31, 2015 05:51AM)
This effect is extremely clever and super easy to construct. Cody really shines by taking effects, by making them super visual yet easily buildable. I am having loads of fun with this! Nice job Cody!
Message: Posted by: NebA (Jun 3, 2015 03:12PM)
Hey has anyone else tried this out? It looks pretty interesting
Message: Posted by: DVYRCKT (Jun 4, 2015 02:04AM)
Purchased this today.

Really, really loving the method! I'd never thought the effect would be achieved this way, some clever thinking was put into this for sure!

Haven't road tested yet, but looking forward to using with Angel Z and maybe a coin routine. Will update y'all if I get good reactions using this utility.

- Davey
Message: Posted by: DVYRCKT (Jun 4, 2015 02:35PM)

This works best & smoothest by far with a torn bill corner. The color contrast between the box and bill really makes this super visual.

I will recommend that you watch and listen to Cody closely when preparing the special stuff. I %$%^%&$ near destroyed Eight boxes until I realized there was a special way things needed to be done. Now all is smooth sailing. Also it's important that this works best with the classic Bicycle tuck box. The newer boxes with the "free app circle of death" logo you will have to get extra creative to find a solution.

Regardless really loving this and great price point.

- D
Message: Posted by: NebA (Jun 4, 2015 04:19PM)
Hey Davey, thanks so much for the info.

Now that you mention the Free App circle, I am wondering, can you do the trick on the back of the box? Or does it have to be done on the front?

Message: Posted by: HT (Apr 18, 2016 09:49AM)
Thought I'd share my late thoughts, incase anyone wants to know this can be done easily on a cigarette box if you get creative.

Fun effect to do in the mirror and works perfectly with a torn corner

Very visual and smooth with no funny moves, I love it.