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Topic: Magic Wallpaper
Message: Posted by: GS121002 (May 30, 2015 03:38PM)
I have searched this subject and found most of the posts to be old with outdated links so I will resurrect from the dead, the question....

[b]"What do you use for your computer background wallpaper?"[/b]

As for myself, I love antique magic posters but they are very busy for a computer screen and finding high resolution copies is difficult so have been looking for more simplified solutions.

Currently I have is screen shot of master magician Eisenheim (played by Edward Norton in the Illussionist) performing the Orange Tree effect.
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (May 30, 2015 09:44PM)
I don't have a "magic" wallpaper. I have several Disney and one of Liza Minellia from "Caberet." Was watching the "Mein Herr" seauence and as it started, I realized they has set up the shot so Liza was against the right side of the screen and it would make perfect wallpaper. My current wallpaper is Carrie Fisher in the Leia/slave girl outfit playing at the beach!
Message: Posted by: acesover (Jun 1, 2015 04:51PM)
WOW...Thanks for those. They are all beautiful.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jun 1, 2015 05:09PM)
Thanks. I love the old style posters. I play around with Photoshop and there is some tutorials for designing your own on the net ie http://www.vandelaydesign.com/photoshop-tutorials-poster-design/