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Topic: Help needed on repetoire
Message: Posted by: florisfassin (Jun 7, 2015 02:37PM)
This week I decided to create a set for strolling at small private parties/events and I would appreciate your advice on it.

Some questions:
Is it too much (because 3 decks and a jumbo coin.... wheigh alot)?
What can go away and what should be added?
Should I change the order?
Do I have too many different decks on me, and if which should go away(invible/normal/in a flash)?

Some backround information:
I'm 15 years old and am into for 3-4 years.

It's set in 3 sets of 3:

Set 1:
1. Spongeball routine (first comes out of flash string)
2. Imagination coins
3. Invisible deck

Set 2:
1. Coin routine (first comes out of purse frame; ending with jumbo coin)
2. Normal deck tricks (with FAX-Loki Kross ending)
3. ????

Set 3:
1. Stand Up Monté
2. Ring on string (with nested wallets ending)
3. In a flash

Some other effects/things I might carry on me:
Torn 2 pieces (only 1)
Business card app
Flash paper/string

Effects I could add/change:
Extreme burn
Fibre optics

Message: Posted by: plink (Jun 7, 2015 07:59PM)
Hi and welcome! You would probably get a better response if you posted in the strolling table hopping section. I can understand the need/want to have a LOT of routines with you when you go out. The general rule is 'less is more'. A single routine that is highly entertaining is better than pockets full of tricks. If you don't have much experience maybe you can store a few decks or tricks on sight to give you the comfort of having them close. Depending on the venue you may get by with a standard deck, a few coins and sponge balls. Nothing teaches as well as experience. Bring fun!
Message: Posted by: florisfassin (Jun 7, 2015 11:09PM)
Thanks alot,
I will post this in the strolling table hopping section. I pobably go with 2 sets of 3 because otherwise it will wheigh alot.
Message: Posted by: pepka (Jun 12, 2015 02:06AM)
The 3 sets of 3 is decent to start if you've never done strolling before. But, I think it's over-rated. Yes...don't carry so much. Do more with less.