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Topic: Magnetic Topit
Message: Posted by: magicmike67 (Jun 10, 2015 11:23PM)
Alright...topit adjustment question:

What happens if we remove the "tongue" of the topit and exchange it for a magnet? Ie, a magnet hidden in your waistband, connected to a magnet sewn into the outer edge of the topit to hold it open. I understand that it might compromise the functionality of the topit...but how much??

My reason for this is that I'd like to be able to remove my coat during my show and then replace it WITHOUT having to fiddle with the topit.

In my mind, I simply put the coat on and magnet hits magnet - BOOM - topit is on.

Your thoughts?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 11, 2015 10:46AM)
If I may say so, not magnets will not work. The strength you would need, will erase all the audiences credit cards as well as pull out all the medical implants.

Bad showmanship, never remove your coat on stage, step off stage or practice it perfectly and have a chair or hanger right their next to you.

I stated many times in my posts on the Topit, do not use it, if you are not going to be dedicated to the requirement of the Topit.

Leave out the effect you are thinking of using without a coat.
Message: Posted by: magicmike67 (Jun 11, 2015 11:27AM)
I'm dedicated to the requirement of the topit and have used one for many years...but I'm also dedicated to what will appear a casual removal of my coat as I switch from a standing, parlour, portion of my show to a seated close-up portion and then back again.

My intention is to begin the show formally (coat on) - later inviting a spectator to join me at a table (which the audience will see via large tv screens), "just like we're relaxing in the kitchen," for some close-up card magic - during which I want to casually (key word) remove my coat and toss it over the back of the chair. After the close-up set, I'm getting back to my feet and the parlour show proper, replacing my jacket and "reattaching" the topit.

I disagree with the "strength of the magnets" required. I'm certain that the often used neodymium magnets would have the strenght necessary. I'm more concerned with the structure of the topit itself. Would I need a one-to-one connection or perhaps three, etc? Ie, one magnet in the pants attached to one in the outter rim of the topit VS three magnets in the pants attached to three in the outer rim of the topit??
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Sep 27, 2015 10:06PM)
You'll be fine with the magnets.

I use this technique myself (shimmed belt) and to the best of my knowledge...
I've never erased someone's credit card or pulled out fillings.


And not to put too fine a point on it, but why the h*ll would you be toppiting a spectators credit card in the first place?

As far as 'the requirements of the topit'... would that not depend on which topit?
Ammar's, Vertex, Page's... that's like saying "you must drive a Fiat exactly the same way as a Volvo or you're just not dedicated enough."
Message: Posted by: Bodgit (Sep 28, 2015 02:21AM)
Jim Cellini did this when he moved from using the gibeciere to loading and ditching from pants and jacket.

His set up is a little more involved than you are looking for, I think.

Described and demonstrated in his Art of Street Performing DVD. [Possibly in lecture notes also]
Message: Posted by: Lseeyou (Nov 14, 2015 05:59PM)
Your wishes became a reality!

Check Thom Peterson "Topit-A-Go-Go" > http://www.amazingguy.com/store/topit-a-go-go.html

Message: Posted by: Alexander Wells (Dec 4, 2015 05:50AM)
Yep, I second what Bodgit said. Check out Cellini's work on this. It's been done and it works.
Message: Posted by: ThomPeterson (Jan 6, 2016 04:46AM)
Hi MagicMike67: Not to toot my own horn, but you're definitely on the right track. Magnets make up a good portion of the gimmick in my Topit-A-Go-Go. And no, I've never erased anyones credit cards or ruined their wristwatches. I will say that I went through a stack of topit prototypes before getting to my final design So it may take you a bit of fiddling before you get it to the right pattern and strength.
All the best,
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Nov 7, 2016 03:49PM)
Hay I tried the link and it did not work! :(
Message: Posted by: MikeLiu (Jun 6, 2017 11:47PM)
Love the idea
Message: Posted by: 0pus (Jun 8, 2017 12:26PM)
[quote]On Nov 7, 2016, David Neighbors wrote:
Hay I tried the link and it did not work! :( [/quote]


Message: Posted by: David Todd (Jun 5, 2020 09:50AM)
[quote]On Jun 8, 2017, 0pus wrote:
[quote]On Nov 7, 2016, David Neighbors wrote:
Hay I tried the link and it did not work! :( [/quote]


http://www.amazingguy.com/store/topit.html [/quote]

Anyone looking for it, the link has changed again (this is current as of June 5, 2020) - https://amazingguystore.com/topit.html

(Thom's website amazinguy.com is separate from amazingguystore.com ... which I something I really like to see , when a professional magician has products they also market to magicians it's not good to see that as part of their main website intended for clients. )