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Topic: Jason Palter's T.U.R.N.
Message: Posted by: spindoc (Jun 15, 2015 10:42PM)
I have both the Grismer lock and T.U.R.N. The methods for these effects are entirely different. The T.U.R.N. lock is so well made the accompanying video is well produced and the routine is so well scripted, I will be using it more often. I must also note that, when I contacted Jason Palter with a question about how to perform this effect for a single spectator, he immediately responded with a brilliant routine that I will most certainly use. Just to be clear, while the Grismer lock is a classic and is an effect I enjoy, the T.U.R.N. lock is an entirely new approach and one I am extremely happy with. It also seems to me to be an approach that can generate a number of different routines and presentations. One thing that threw me a little at first is that two sets of numbers on the lock, the 0 and the 3, are raised and stick out above the level of the other numbers. It turns out this has absolutely nothing to do with the effect and, when I checked the Master Lock company's web site, it is in fact the way they make this lock...the raised numbers simply make it easier to turn the reels. This effect is not inexpensive but I believe it is worth the investment.
Message: Posted by: George Hunter (Jun 16, 2015 09:52AM)
I have a Grismer lock, love it, and have no need for another lock that permits essentially the same effect. Nevertheless, only 25 Grismer locks are available each year. For performers who cannot get one, at least in measurable time, the T.U.R.N. seems like a marvelous option.