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Topic: Omniscient. Thaddius Barker
Message: Posted by: tricky360 (Jun 16, 2015 04:40PM)
I really enjoyed Omniscient, it's a great read with some really clever thinking behind it. My personal favourite was Whichy which, a coin in hand effect using no gimmicks.

I don't know Thaddius, but from what I've read, he's someone to watch out for.

Omniscient is a 28 page ebook available at Wonder wizards. Here are the effects;

Exclusive to Wonder Wizards
Win or tie playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with anyone... due to your intuitive and psychological abilities.
Know which hand a person hides a coin in behind their back repeatedly, using real influence and mental powers.
Know when a person is lying or telling the truth in performance using psychological ploys.
Intuit how many fingers a person is hiding behind their back, and repeat this too.
Uses real mental abilities, influence and psychology.
Failsafe physical methods always work while you learn to do it all for REAL.