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Topic: Name of a partiular gimmick
Message: Posted by: MrTipsyTiger (Jul 5, 2015 12:09AM)
Hello Magicians,

After a 15 year break from studying and practicing magical illusions I have decided to return. I feel as if I'm literally starting over, because I can't remember vocabulary, and many other things. I'm looking for the name of the gimmick used to produce a silk cloth from apparently empty hands. Is there a name for this gimmick, or is it so standard that magicians just make their own?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.
Message: Posted by: Kabbalah (Jul 5, 2015 06:43AM)
There are many methods.

Why do you need a gimmick for a simple silk production?
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jul 5, 2015 07:22AM)
Mr. TT, I suspect you're thinking of a TT.
Message: Posted by: Doug Trouten (Jul 8, 2015 10:58PM)
If it's the gimmick I'm thinking of, some people call it a "Vernet."
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Jul 15, 2015 12:31AM)
Sanada gimmick.
Jay Scott Berry sells some wonderful variations of the Sanada gimmick.
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Jul 18, 2015 10:52AM)
Your thinking of a "thumb tip". Vernet seems to be the brand of choice for most magicians. Very inexpensive.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 18, 2015 01:05PM)
Welcome to the Café, MrTipsyTiger! Yes. I use a jumbo Vernet. Best there is.

Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Jul 18, 2015 01:41PM)
Both Ihop and Bobby Forbes are correct. I think the TT is easier to ditch and allow you to be "clean" afterwards. But I remember when I first saw the Sanada gimmick demonstrated, and I was completely floored by it.

There are other more complicated rigs created over the years to accomplish similar productions, but in my opinion, these two - short of sleight of hand - are the simplest and most direct.
Message: Posted by: BeachCat (Jul 26, 2015 08:31AM)
I thought all TT's were basically the same. Is this not the case? What is the difference between the two mentioned above?
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 26, 2015 10:14AM)
OK, this is pretty well-known. Here it is on Penguin's site:


It fits like this:


It's OK. It works. The two Vernets are Jumbo and regular. The two center ones:


Message: Posted by: BeachCat (Jul 26, 2015 10:56AM)
Wow, I had no idea, thank you for clarifying Dougini. I'm only family with the Vernets. Something new to consider for vanishes.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 26, 2015 11:35AM)
I dunno. The Sanada is unique, but just not for me. The jumbo Vernet is my workhorse...

Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 26, 2015 02:49PM)
The Vernet has many good uses. You might get use out of the Sanada. I rarely see it used, no pun intended. These tools are only limited to your imagination. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Fujiwara Gimmick and Fujiwara Gimmick 2.

Just variations on a theme. Same idea. The Vernet, though is the tool I find I use most often. The others, you have to have your hand in a weird position. Dead giveaway. Kills that idea for me.

Message: Posted by: magiccollector69 (Jul 27, 2015 04:19PM)
There are also things like the Palmo ball, in one form or another. I can't recall the name but there was one produced with a nice extension that gave you more handling options. With these of course you can use a much larger silk than with a TT, but at the cost of more 'handwashing' gestures.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 27, 2015 06:04PM)
The Palmo does a nice color-change with 18" silks. Use with a Topit to vanish.

Message: Posted by: magiccollector69 (Jul 27, 2015 10:55PM)
[quote]On Jul 27, 2015, magiccollector69 wrote:
There are also things like the Palmo ball, in one form or another. I can't recall the name but there was one produced with a nice extension that gave you more handling options. With these of course you can use a much larger silk than with a TT, but at the cost of more 'handwashing' gestures. [/quote]

The name of the other device came to me. It's a Nikko Ball. Viking sells it, though from the photo it's not as elegant a model as th4 originals I've seen from older manufacturers. Sort of looks like they used a thumbtack for the extension (though I expect it's not a thumbtack.)
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Jul 28, 2015 07:52PM)
If you want to watch some amazing work with the Sanada gimmick, try to find work by Jay Scott Berry.
He lectured at my SAM meeting using his version of the Sanada. It has 2 compartments, so you can change silk colors , silk to sponge ball, etc.
He sells it on his website.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 31, 2015 12:12PM)
I've been fooled by the Sanada before. So I can't knock it. I've gotten so accustomed to the Vernet, the Palmo and the Simplex, it's hard to imagine anything better. I will look up Berry though. Thanks Ihop!

Message: Posted by: Ihop (Aug 7, 2015 10:43AM)
What's a Simplex?
I searched for it on the Penguin website but couldn't find it.
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Aug 7, 2015 10:54AM)
Never mind, Doug.
I found it.
I'm going to Tannens' and Fantasma tomorrow.
I may pick one up. It looks cheap enough to give it a try.
If I have time, I'll also stop by Café Rustico. The Saturday afternoon magician hangout.
It'll be a good day.
Message: Posted by: John Martin (Aug 7, 2015 12:18PM)
Look up Henry Evans. He has very deceptive use for the Sanada gimmick...I believe.



I use to have a bare handed silk production gimmick. I bought it from Hank Lee's in the early 2000's. I was a line up the sleeve that was attached to an elastic wrist band. The silk was rolled into a ball with an elastic band attached to it and slipped under the wrist band. The elastic band went over the ring finger. You could show the hand empty and when making a grabbing/reaching motion the silk would fly out to the fingertips. I still have it, however it's worn out and I want to replace it. Do you know the name of this silk appearance. It sold at the time for about 20 bucks.


Message: Posted by: Dougini (Aug 7, 2015 01:45PM)
Dong? You mean "Doug"?

I've been called a Dong before. It was for...eh, different reasons. Not familiar with that item, John.

Message: Posted by: Dougini (Aug 7, 2015 01:48PM)
Now Henry Evans use IS very deceptive! Nice!
Message: Posted by: John Martin (Aug 7, 2015 04:01PM)
Sorry DoUg....lol. Apparently my iPad believes you are Dong. My apologies, I'll have a talk with it.

Message: Posted by: Dougini (Aug 7, 2015 04:21PM)
That's OK. I had a talk with the Dong. His ego was WAY out of control!

Now. Regarding the Rice Simplex. Of the six dye tubes I own, the Palmo Ball and the Simplex are my go-to tools EVERY TIME! I have the big and small Johnson Products tubes and they are VERY well made. They have the cloth tape. I don't see an advantage. The Simplex is usable from either end. And the Palmo takes an 18 inch silk. I used mine on stage, in fact, I have TWO.

If you can find it, Tenyo made a fantastic little 6 inch silk version called Chameleon Silk:


That is like the first one I ever bought way back...in the 70s. It's a smaller version of the Simplex and made out of plastic. It works GREAT! I find it best for close-up work. It's the easiest to learn to use. You CAN do three color changes, but that packs it pretty tight. Red to Green works for me.

Message: Posted by: rmendez (Oct 30, 2018 08:54PM)
I own one of Tenyo’s but prefer the vinyl dye tubes and thumb tips from Japan. I use them with 9” diamond cut silks which appear 12” for close-up. They are slightly larger and silks slide in and out with the greatest of ease as opposed to clingy rubber.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Oct 30, 2018 10:32PM)
So! Here come the old curmudgeon to throw a rock in the puddle!

My mentors, if still living, would give you an "argument" regarding whether a TT, is a GIMMICK or a FEKE.

A GIMMICK is an unseen device used to do a trick.

A FEKE is a visible device that resembles something else, used in the performance of a trick.

A "Vernet" is "both". (Sometimes it is visible!)

It has been a long day. I'm going to retire. heehee
Message: Posted by: rmendez (Oct 31, 2018 10:23AM)
That is interesting though all I can find on-line is reference to a surname.