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Topic: B52 from rannie raymundo
Message: Posted by: backinblack (Jul 16, 2015 09:15AM)
Hey guys,
anybody who knows where to get B52 by rannie raymundo? if not: anybody who knows how to get in contact with him?

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 16, 2015 09:39AM)
He is hear on magic Café
and face book
Message: Posted by: backinblack (Jul 16, 2015 04:51PM)
Thx just contacted him..
Message: Posted by: backinblack (Jul 21, 2015 09:22AM)
Mmmhh, he did not read my message in the Café and at facebook he did not get my message with those of his friends but at "others".. anybody who is in coontact to him: could you tell him about my request? at least it is good for rannie also as I would like to buy a routine from him..