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Topic: Lightweight prop transport/storage boxes
Message: Posted by: tpax (Aug 4, 2015 02:36PM)
The Owings Corning Pink Insulation (3/4") makes a very nice board for boxes to carry small props. I use double face carpet tape and duct tape to hold it together. It cuts easily with a razor knife. I bet you could put any number of veneers or laminates on this as well.

You can also sand and paint this stuff. try it out, you will be surprised (If you have a car make sure to take a pocket knife so you can cut the heet in half for transportation.)
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Oct 27, 2015 03:06AM)
There is a product called "Gator Board", laminated wood, with a foam core used for building. It is lightweight and can be painted and glued.