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Topic: The Juice?
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jun 23, 2002 03:10AM)
Anyone use this "item"?
Do you need special vision?
I am thinking of buying this, so your opinion would be greatly appreciated - regards, Geoff
Message: Posted by: RandyWakeman (Jun 23, 2002 11:38AM)
The question would be, what do you want to do that you can't do with "other decks"?
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jun 23, 2002 02:13PM)
for someone with impaired vision I thought this would be the best solution to a marked deck - geoff
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Jun 23, 2002 02:40PM)
Juice really is invisible to the untrained eye but stands out to a trained eye. It is no different than trying to see those three dimensional shapes in those wierd pictures. Some can see it, some can't. It takes a real knack to learn to see the markings but when you do, they jump right out at you without any special light or lenses. You will however need to "see" the cards so if you have impaired vision, this may not be your best bet.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat