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Topic: Flourishes web sites
Message: Posted by: Zod (Feb 22, 2004 02:20AM)
Are there any web sites where I can learn or view flourishes?
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Mar 6, 2004 01:47AM)
The best is http://www.handlordz.com
and http://www.cheaterscheater.com
Message: Posted by: Liam Jones (Mar 13, 2004 10:00AM)
Message: Posted by: AlienSoul (Mar 18, 2004 10:37AM)
Here is a site that shows a bunch of card shooting.

Message: Posted by: CLJ (Mar 19, 2004 01:09AM)
Here you go:
Message: Posted by: TheKid (Apr 11, 2004 09:13PM)
http://www.cheaterscheater.com is the absolute best site out there. no way around it CC is the place to learn and develop as a flourisher. its run by Bone Evil, a proud suppporter of superhandz and handlordz.com. Doesn't get any better
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Apr 29, 2004 04:11PM)
It's true!
Message: Posted by: phantomace (May 23, 2004 11:52PM)
The world's first and only flourish store. Just hotness!

[url=http://www.handlordzstore.shoppingcartsplus.com/page/page/1177404.htm]The new flourish store[/url] (link).
Message: Posted by: CLJ (May 30, 2004 10:21PM)
http://www.davidcrofts.co.uk - awesome magician/flourisher. His hinge cuts are awesome, super cool.

pentix.modenstudios.com - site of Kam, one of the world's best pen-spinning artists. His pen-spinning is incredible.
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Jun 7, 2004 09:34AM)
The NEW, NEW, NEW Handlordz Store for flourishers.

Message: Posted by: Zambooni (Jun 8, 2004 06:14PM)
Haha yeah, handlordz and superhandz are the only real sites with a lot of meat on them. If you want flourishes those are the places to check out.

Message: Posted by: Joshua Allens (Jun 10, 2004 05:14PM)
I remember David Croft site. The ten packet cut is really cool.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 22, 2004 11:11AM)
That card shooting site really is great, thanks for that link!
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Jul 14, 2004 12:59AM)
A brand new Superhandz site is being launched on 1 August. http://www.superhandz.com

I hear there will be new videos coming soon after.

Message: Posted by: gogeta97 (Jul 30, 2004 11:47PM)
Hey Bone and everyone else.

Any news on CC coming back up?

P.S. New superhandz site soon! Sweet.
Message: Posted by: Josh Allens (Jul 30, 2004 11:53PM)
I think I heard somewhere that it would be back up in October.
Message: Posted by: gogeta97 (Jul 31, 2004 12:19AM)
Yeah, I just saw that. Thanks. I feel stupid for asking without looking first.
Message: Posted by: Josh Allens (Jul 31, 2004 12:38AM)
It ok man. Im lazy too :)
Message: Posted by: Rcitgo (Aug 3, 2004 03:50AM)
I tried the link in the above post and it did't work.
Message: Posted by: MnemonicaRedux (Aug 3, 2004 06:29AM)
It works for me.

Or you can try http://www.freewebs.com/mredux


Message: Posted by: Patrick Differ (Aug 4, 2004 02:52AM)
I posted a link on another forum for superhandz and it just got a big fat yawn, like there was nothing more boring than flourishes. I disagree. Flourishes are fun, good exercise, fun, very magical when done correctly, and did I mention fun?
I'm glad to see some diversity here. And thanks for the link on card shooting, that's fun stuff, too!
Message: Posted by: GrumpyOwl (Aug 4, 2004 04:49AM)
New and Improved :smoke:

Message: Posted by: PasteboardPlayer (Aug 20, 2004 10:41AM)
All New Look!

Have you guys seen this???


Just good discussion on flourishes... no trash, lol

Man I love "EZ" boards... lol

Go De' vo!
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Aug 21, 2004 12:46AM)
Yep, De'vo had these changed almost a month ago because of some of the garbage the users were posting. Here's what he posted:

About a day or two ago he fired his manager and board owner who is on a plane back to Germany.lol For the best I say!

Message: Posted by: Clarence (Aug 21, 2004 12:32PM)
Woah, so many things had happened and I don't know. Serious? lol.
Message: Posted by: XFactor (Aug 23, 2004 02:17PM)
Hmm. To my knowledge, there is:


Message: Posted by: Jonathan Rice (Sep 5, 2004 10:39AM)
Phantomace, according to De' he did not fire his manager, but the manager resigned. Just clearing things up.

Message: Posted by: Bone (Sep 20, 2004 04:07AM)

Updated news of the new XM video website THE CHEATER'S CHEATER is there.

http://www.thecheaterscheater.com (15th October)

Message: Posted by: Cardjinx (Sep 22, 2004 09:31AM)
On 2004-09-05 11:39, jonthemagician wrote:
Phantomace, according to De' he did not fire his manager, but the manager resigned. Just clearing things up.


That's what he said, but I believe the phantom. I've heard a few rumors too.

but whatever, the new Superhandz and Handlordz websites are KING of the flourish world, and always will be. And now even better!

Message: Posted by: Bone (Sep 22, 2004 11:04AM)
Of course superhandz is the best ! man you are wierd, why are you comparing superhandz with CC ?

You Strange man.
Message: Posted by: in flames (Sep 22, 2004 11:57AM)
He fired you Phantom? lol
Message: Posted by: Cardjinx (Sep 22, 2004 02:49PM)
Phantom doesn't = the man fired.lol Or he wouldn't be posting that here.lol

Phantom is a wicked flourisher. He used to be on CC, and is a cousin of the Ulmen4 boys.

Superhandz RULEZ!
Message: Posted by: Alienist (Oct 2, 2004 02:45PM)
That's right ! I noticed LOL ! he gots hell a lot of knowledge he's da man ! you da man too!

Message: Posted by: bjiamin (Oct 3, 2004 08:09AM)
Theres some stuff here too

Message: Posted by: slumpy (Oct 21, 2004 02:40AM)
Have you guys ever wonder that this phantomace is actually De' himself?...

The way things are said and posted seems so....

SOmething to ponder,
Message: Posted by: Imperistan (Oct 21, 2004 03:40AM)
I don't think he is Phantom, but I wonder why he stopped posting. Maybe because everyone in here know the thruth : Superhandz forever!

Message: Posted by: Jamil (Oct 22, 2004 05:48PM)
Nope, he aint the phantom, but the phantom does sometimes post for some of HL crew when they are not around. De' was banned 2 years ago, and is still banned. We copy and paste threads for him to see but most of the time he just doesn't care about it.lol Those that know him knows that he just doesn't care about the forums. Phantom wrote in the shadow forums that he is done with magicians. I'm about there too. I think I will quit someday too. Just pointless posting here most of the time. All the real artists for XCM don't come here, they goto the Ulmen Site, superhandz, or Handlordz.

Message: Posted by: trickster2000 (Oct 22, 2004 09:16PM)
I don't even know why you guys started posting here in the first place... All you guys do is whine like babies... this is a MAGIC forum.. Im surprised you are only getting fed up with magicians now, because I know a lot of the magicians here have been fed up with you guys for a looooong time...Im sure if people wanted to hear about superhandz/HL, they would go to their site... See ya!! You won't be missed..
Message: Posted by: Cardguy52 (Oct 23, 2004 02:15AM)
Now to play devils advocate, the xcm'ers only posted to clear up any misconceptions of there art form made be the magic community. It's a lot more than cuts and fans. Most of the battling comes from magicians for what ever reason. XCM is a progressive art form that is becoming more popular world wide and was a deep rich history. To be more educated pick up the copy of Genii in which De'Vo gives an interview and talks about the issues between XCM and magic. Maybe then you would have a better understanding of the art form.