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Topic: Can anyone remember this?
Message: Posted by: robbie mcgrath (Sep 11, 2015 10:30AM)
Hi all, I'm trying to think of an effect, it goes something like this, you take a deck, shuffle, cut roughly in half, turn one half upside down, the shuffle the two packs together, you den cut deck again, two piles, with face up and face down cards n each pile, you den say you made a prediction beforehand, and take out a bill from your wallet, your spectator picks a pile, and you say ten euro says I can guess how many face up cards there is, the spectator can take is many cards from either pile and put into the next pile, so for instance he takes 10 cards from pile One adds them to pile two and can be face up down etc, you guessed 20 cards face up, wen counted your wrong but wrote on the bill is the exact amount, as ten euro says, it's pretty much self working but can't remember setup, any help would be welcome,

Thanking you
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Sep 11, 2015 11:08AM)
"Prediction Shuffle-Bored" by Simon Aronson.
Or one of its incarnations like Aldo Columbini's "Pre-Deck-Ability" or Paul Green's "Jeopardy". There are a few more but I can't remember all of them by heart (Lennart Green had also one....)
Message: Posted by: Claudio (Sep 11, 2015 03:11PM)
You'll find Simon Aronson's latest version in his latest book [b]Art Decko[/b] and a link to his booklet fold on his website.
Message: Posted by: robbie mcgrath (Sep 11, 2015 04:27PM)
Thanks a million 👍 👍
Message: Posted by: Shayde Phoenix (Sep 12, 2015 09:24AM)
I like when people give me the answers to any trick I see.
Message: Posted by: robbie mcgrath (Sep 13, 2015 03:03PM)
Hi, its a effect I had forgotten about, I wasn't fishing 🎣!!! If I was fishing I would ask it a different way!,

Message: Posted by: Papa Legba (Dec 4, 2019 08:31AM)
[quote]On Sep 12, 2015, Shayde Phoenix wrote:
I like when people give me the answers to any trick I see. [/quote]

The OP was simply given links to where the answer could be found, that is 100% legit, zero % exposure.