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Topic: Shade (the Movie) opens March 26th
Message: Posted by: cgscpa (Feb 24, 2004 08:09PM)
To see the trailer go to http://www.shadethemovie.com

Paul Wilson was involved in this movie and helped teach Stallone some sleights. He is also an extra in the movie.

[i]Shade- the gamblers term for misdirection. In the shadowy world of underground gambling, top notch con men Vernon (Stuart Townsend Queen of the ***ed), Miller (Gabriel Byrne The Usual Suspects) and Tiffany (Thandie Newton Mission Impossible 2) reunite and join forces with fellow player Jennings (Jamie Foxx Any Given Sunday) to take down some big scores. But when one of the cons blows up in their faces, they end up on the run from the mob.

Complicating matters is the once in a lifetime chance to get into an ultra high stakes card game with the king of the poker hustling world The Dean (Sylvester Stallone Rocky, Copland). Can they stay alive long enough to make it to the game? Can they take down The Dean? And who is conning who? Within the deceptive world of Shade, nothing is ever what it seems.

In this riveting film also featuring Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) and Hal Holbrook (Magnum Force), the team of grifters discover that sometimes it takes all your tricks and skills not only to win the game, but to stay alive.[/i]
Message: Posted by: slap aces (Feb 25, 2004 09:02AM)
I saw the film last year - the new music (on the trailer) is different but I think it would suit the film better.

Wilson was the cheating consultant for the movie; he also has a pretty interesting cameo as a player in one of the big poker games in the film. He is also credited as the second unit director.

Earl Nelson was the magic advisor and taught Holbrook about the professor. Make sure you don't miss the opening of the movie - a cavalcade of card technique that will simply blow you away (mostly performed by Wilson, Nelson and a couple performed by Jason England).

Support this film - I know the director has spent the last two years fighting to get it released with his cut. If it is a success the first week it will appear in other cities.
Message: Posted by: cgscpa (Feb 25, 2004 11:10AM)
Slap Aces -

Thanks for the info. Where did you see the movie? I did not realize it had been released before and thought it might be headed straight to video.

Besides the card techniques what did you think of the movie overall?


Message: Posted by: slap aces (Feb 25, 2004 12:26PM)
I'm a friend of the director and saw it at a special screening last year. The film is a very enjoyable con-based thriller. Performances are excellent and the story is really good.

Rumours of it going straight to video are the usual mis-informed nonsense that circulates the net constantly...

I think magicians are going to look a little cooler after their friends see this movie. I highly recommend learning a good gambling routine from Royal Road, Ortiz or Harry Lorayne so you can demonstrate how the characters in Shade operate.
Message: Posted by: magic soul (Mar 6, 2004 04:14AM)
I'm from the U.K. Could you please let me know if you have any idea when it will be hitting our screens over here? andy
Message: Posted by: dreidy (Mar 6, 2004 09:38AM)
Having just seen the movie, there's plenty to keep magicians amused; there are references to magicians all the way through. The main character's name is Vernon; he has a meeting with 'The Professor' at The Magic Castle; the main baddie is Max Malini - it goes on. I'm sure I've missed many.

I'm not completely convinced all the card work is genuine. There is a four card colour change during the opening credits that I think is an effect; if it isn't then it's an incredible move.

The plot is a little predictable if you pay attention. There are clues early on; but there aren't any glaring inconsistancies.

If you're into magic you're going to want to see this, and you can take most of the family (not really young kids as there's blood, the occasional four-letter word and an S&M scene) as you don't need to be into magic to enjoy the movie.

They don't give anything much away in terms of technique; there's a hold out in the opening credits and they tip the existance of a juice deck but not any details.

Message: Posted by: H_Ho (Mar 26, 2004 08:23PM)
The website has some of the opening sequence in separate clips. Only problem is, the video is too small. Oh well, I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.
Message: Posted by: sky2 (Apr 7, 2004 01:24AM)
When and where does SHADE open for the general public
in the L.A. area? Also, how do I find showtimes in
order to make advance plans to see the movie?
Message: Posted by: boblinds (Apr 7, 2004 07:51AM)
Looks like Friday, sky2

[url=http://www.arclightcinemas.com/do/detail?venueCode=Arclight&showCode=21175&seriesId=&eventType=series&dateText=4/9/2004&forward=/Detail2078.jsp&path=cs]Click Here![/url]