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Topic: Question about building a library
Message: Posted by: dgiancaspro (Feb 26, 2004 05:16AM)
I'm planning out my book purchases for the year. So far I own:
CC 1
Wilson's Complete Course of Magic
Learn Magic
Amateur Magicians Handbook
Expert Card Tech.
Now you See it Now You Don't
Bobo's Modern Coin Magic (Dover)

Here's what I plan to get this year:

CC 2-3
AOA 1-3
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic (you know, the good one)
Star's of Magic
Ron Bauer series (Vol 1 - 6 at least)

I don't intend to cover all this material, that would be utter madness :D I'm just trying to build a solid library. I know alot of the classics are missing (Greater Magic etc ..) I'm not ready to appreciate the older works.
Can any one suggest some Close-Up books that aren't heavy card and coin ? How about Harkey? What's his stuff like ?

Message: Posted by: irossall (Feb 26, 2004 05:54AM)
How about some books on the psychology of magic, presention, misdirection and a little history? Then I would think that you would be well on your way to having a "solid library".
Knowing many sleight's and tricks is important and great, but magic is not very useful without these other important ingredients.
What you have so far is a great collection, one to be proud of. Keep up the good work.
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Feb 26, 2004 07:48AM)
You might want to check out The Magic Book, by Harry Lorayne.
Harry wrote it originally for the lay public who were interested in closeup magic.
But it is THE definitive work on impromptu material. It includes cards, coins, string, pens, paper clips, etc. Just about anything your can find around the house or office.
Or you could build an entire act from it using just pencils and paper!
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Feb 26, 2004 12:27PM)
Also, some magical history books would be a good investment.
Message: Posted by: RayBanks (Feb 26, 2004 01:00PM)
Your list looks good.

I agree with Peter on adding The Magic Book. Also add Henning Nelms' [i][b]Magic and Showmanship[/b][/i].

Those books could last you a lifetime.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Feb 26, 2004 06:45PM)
Eugene Burger has some excellent views on magic today, and what to do in certain situations, psychology and methodology of magic, as well as some just plain ol' good magic.

A must for any complete library (of which I wish I had!), IMHO...

Message: Posted by: Justin R (Feb 26, 2004 09:32PM)
I don't have them yet but I've heard good things about [i]Art of Close-Up Magic[/i] (two volumes) by Lewis Ganson. The first book doesn't have any card tricks.
Message: Posted by: dgiancaspro (Feb 27, 2004 06:11AM)
Wow! Great suggestions from everyone. Right after posting this I read Aus's article on routining and relized I needed some of that material. Burger, Ganson, Lorayne. I'm starting to create my list for next year now !

Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Feb 27, 2004 12:47PM)
Looks good to me as well.Ganson's books are a must including Dai Vernon's Book Of Magic,The Art Of Close-up Magic(especially vol1).Even though you said no card heavy book try Smoke and Mirrors by John Bannon.Other books of interest should be Tarbell Course in Magic vol1-8,The Books of Wonder vol1-2.Also try to get The second Now You See It,Now You Don't by Bill Tarr,it's better than the first.
Message: Posted by: Axio (Feb 27, 2004 04:51PM)
Also don't forget about Strong Magic by Ortiz if you could find a copy, should be part of every sold library I believe.
Message: Posted by: filem (Feb 27, 2004 06:18PM)
Don't forget to perform instead of, or at least in addition to, collecting books.