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Topic: Self Working Stage Magic
Message: Posted by: GL3N (Nov 9, 2015 03:36PM)
Good evening,

I need some advice really if possible.

I have entered a talent competition at work (30,000 + employees ) and got voted into the last 20 or so people. I performed E.B. 2.0, Sudden Deck 3 and the Mental Photography Deck together in front of a camera. People will now vote on who they want to represent the brand in the finals.

If I make it to the finals I would need to perform in front of around 300 / 400 people.

I was wondering what effects would be good for a room of that size. There will be no cameras or screens etc. The act can last around 10 minutes.

I was thinking of opening with the Sudden Deck 3 to show people who may not have seen the audition video and then use a disposable deck etc. Maybe mention people don't trust magicians who always hold the cards and ' dispose ' the deck.

Then go into a ID routine. Get the room involved ?

I have never done anything like this before, so all ideas are appreciated.
Message: Posted by: ejohn (Nov 9, 2015 07:51PM)
If you do ID, you may want to involve the audience by throwing a beach ball or some other soft object into the audience, have the catcher pick a card color (red or black) and then throw the object to someone else, have that person select a suit and throw, the third picks a high or low card and throws, and a fourth picks the exact card denomination. Gets whole audience involved and the card selection is clearly random. Build it up and reveal. Good luck and enjoy!
Message: Posted by: GL3N (Nov 15, 2015 04:46AM)
Thanks for the advice!
Message: Posted by: tvmikek (Nov 18, 2015 03:39PM)
Celebrity Smart Ass by Bill Abbott might play well to a room that size as well. I've seen that trick get big reactions. I've done it before where I mail the prediction to someone a few days before and have them hold on to it until the end.
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Nov 18, 2015 05:22PM)
You can also use some jumbo or ultra jumbo card tricks just to demonstrate that you don't use sleight of hand, then perform Qua-Fiki's Ace Chaser (from The Wizards' Journal #21) or some other jumbo card effect that actually does use sleight of hand - sort of, like The Three Card Trick with Four Cards, found in The Wizards' Journal #22.
Message: Posted by: GL3N (Nov 20, 2015 02:30PM)
Thanks for your advice guys!
Message: Posted by: Julie (Nov 20, 2015 03:32PM)
Any one of a number of JUMBO RISING CARD tricks would work well, with a Jumbo Moving Pip Card for a surprising finale'.

Easy-to-do with a strong professional impact...