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Topic: Swazzles?
Message: Posted by: jakeg (Nov 22, 2015 08:36PM)
Can anyone tell me where to buy a swale in the U.S.?
I've been thinking about reviving my Punch & Judy show.
Message: Posted by: pixsmith (Dec 9, 2015 11:30PM)
A puppeteer named Clay Martin in the Seattle area (I think) makes them. I'm not sure if he still sells them or not, but I took a workshop with him where he taught us to make them. It takes a couple of pieces of brass and some twill tape;; it's knacky, but not that hard.

"That one's been through me twice already...."
Message: Posted by: jakeg (Dec 10, 2015 06:23AM)
Thanks Pixsmith. I didn't find any for sale on his website. I'll probably order one from England. I did the show for many years without one, but with the help of YouTube, I'm finally learning what it's all about. I have a certain attachment to P&J, the history, craftsmanship, and performance. I do think that if I ever do it in public again, I'll have to cut down on the violence, or at least direct it away from Judy and the baby, and more towards tha ghost , devil, and alligator .