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Topic: My new effect?
Message: Posted by: ozarksmagic (Nov 29, 2015 04:16AM)
I call it "Psychic Stone". Effect: 6 colored gemstones are shown and one is selected, Then all are placed in a black velvet bag. A volunteer reaches into the bag and removes one stone without looking. Magician immediately knows if they have the chosen "psychic" stone or if still in bag. 6 spectators may choose a stone, magician still finds chosen stone. Anyone else done this? As far as I know, I came up with this method and trick.
Message: Posted by: Craig Logan (Dec 18, 2015 11:10AM)
How does this compare to Kurotsuke by Max Maven?
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Dec 25, 2015 10:48PM)
Or Body Language by Charles Gauci?
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Dec 26, 2015 11:43AM)
[quote]On Dec 25, 2015, Tony Iacoviello wrote:
Or Body Language by Charles Gauci? [/quote]


As an owner and user of Charles effect, "body language", I agree with Tony. Your effect sounds like the exact same thing.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Dec 4, 2016 09:01AM)
Dariel Fitzkee, in, "The Trick Brain" lists eighteen (nineteen??) EFFECTS. (production, vanish, penetration, restoration, levitation, transposition, transformation, etc.)

An EFFECT, is what the spectator perceives.

A TRICK, is a "feat of magic" which is PERFORMED by the magician.

The number of TRICKS which "can produce" various EFFECTS is IMO, "uncountable".