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Topic: Radio station got angry
Message: Posted by: Heiko_Rieger (Dec 5, 2015 09:42PM)
Hi, folks,

one year ago, I performed at a local radio station near my town and they were so impressed, they gave me a own radio show... for two months. then they kicked me suddenly. they filmed each effect and I guess they got behind the center tear or my pocket writing. from beginning on I told them I was no psychic, and that I perform with trick effects and psychology. that's what a mentalist is. I think they misunderstood and were that kind impressed of, so they got angry when getting behind the trickery.

do you have any tips for me for the next radiostation, I'm performing at? I don't want to get into that same bad situation.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Dec 19, 2015 05:47AM)
Many local radio stations have for years had success with having a psychic having their own show. It is often a good money maker for local radio stations. They were probably well aware of this and were thinking of you in this way. A weekly show where listeners would call in and you would tell them what you see in their future about them. To them this is deadly serious and not just entertainment. I'm betting that's what they originally thought you were. Then once they realized it was simply tricks, they dropped you to prevent getting in trouble with sponsors (the whole reason for having such a show is to gain sponsorship advertising sales and revenues) and also the FCC concerns of misleading their listeners and advertisers. This is the problem with magicians claiming they are mentalists.

If you are aware or unfamiliar with performing on radio or t.v. I would suggest my book Press & Media For Entertainers (www.EntertainmentSuccess.com) as a starting point.
Message: Posted by: B.W. McCarron (Aug 5, 2016 08:56AM)
You could stick to things like numerology or simply answering call-in questions from listeners. Close with a 2-minute horoscope for the coming week consisting of a sentence or two for each sign.

There's no method to catch. Any mental effect you choose to do up front for "street cred" is just to get you hired on. An exception might be a prediction effect made prior to a big sporting effect or election.
Message: Posted by: Nat_lawson (Jan 18, 2017 11:53AM)
I would definitely suggest effects with no secret that can be caught, still use methods but rely heavily on cold reading, psy forces, memory work, pre-show with the dirty work done before the camera starts, newspaper predictions etc. Still use pocket writing and center tears but pad them in with a lot of up front, secretless mentalism.
Message: Posted by: debjit (Aug 14, 2018 02:39PM)
I would suggest that you should clearly tell the radio station that you are a magician who specializes in tricks with the mind. Maybe even teach them a simple trick or 2 so that they understand that you're not really claiming to be a psychic.