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Topic: Copper or Silver or Brass
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Dec 8, 2015 06:33PM)
Is there a published reference to using the C/S/B to match a chosen coin?

IE you show them three coins to choose among. Then you take out take out three of your own and ... put one under a hank/purse/hat...

They choose one of the three somehow (yes it's a setup for repeats) and you show them the coin you set aside matches. Can be done a couple of times thanks to the gaff being um..."versatile" <- that okay so we don't get into secret sessions here?

I'm asking as this would be a standard approach. They have three, you show them you have a matching set of three. You make as much of a fuss of the selection process as you like or let them fuss. They show their selection. You show your hand empty and show them the "prediction" and it always matches. Being a silly person I'd want a moment where after they picked the silver I'd ask them to choose between the silver or Both copper and brass... and show them two under the cover as prediction ... anyway - gotta test this stuff on audiences. (yes, you're acting as if you can guess what they are going to do and showing off by the double prediction)

Okay here's what came to mind. They see the three coins as above. You take out a coin sized metal disc and let them look at it. {That's half dollar sized but plain metal without any stamped features. I had some made from an old cast iron pot. You can get them at the hardware store and washers to match. David Roth published some tricks using that kind of coin in Magic Magazine using them as blank coins (Johnson Products "mint" came with one) in tricks including changes} You put the slug into just out of sight, say under your hat on the table. Then they select one from among their three. Their selection gets gingerly placed by the slug, into the hat... and a moment later you show two matching coins. Which one was theirs? On a repeat, if they select one you can cleanly display without any move, play it up - let them imagine it was a "terminator 2" or "the thing" or "matrix" moment where they flick the coin across the table, maybe there's a clink and you reveal (or they depending on audience managment) two that look the same. If I got the premise working for audiences I'd want to make a few "which one is it" moments maybe using Sol's turnover and dropping one and figuring out which to give them back for the next round.