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Topic: Brag on your kids
Message: Posted by: Overworked (Dec 22, 2015 02:06PM)
As a proud papa, I'm always happy to brag about my kids. Thought I'd see if that would be an interesting topic for folks.

So: Brag on your kids: What makes you grateful you put up with all they put you through. What makes you proud of them?

(I'll hold off bragging on my own kids until a few of you have responded and I see if this topic has legs.)

Brag Away:
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Dec 22, 2015 02:52PM)
My children a Geniuses ...... My 6 year old Mikey reads at a 5th grade level. My daughter Kyleen graduated from college in two years. My oldest son Matt gave up a Law scholarship to pursue music and has toured the globe. (Punk music is not my favorite) The oldest two are good enough entertainers to have worked cruise ships with their father early on. They are true skeptical thinkers. They are allowed to question anything. I've never had to bail them out of jail or pick them up from school. Fantastic Kids. My youngest was recently asked what he'd do if he was given $1,000 for Christmas... He said "I'd spend the money on food for the homeless kids!" ... great children ... I've been blessed!
BTW ... Don't mess with the oldest two .. They carry! ;)
Message: Posted by: stoneunhinged (Dec 22, 2015 03:33PM)
My son and stepchildren are all victims of divorce. I do the best that I can to make all of them feel loved. My trick (magic?) is to love them. No sleight of hand necessary.

Brag? They are all astonishingly beautiful--even the ones who don't have my genes.

But obviously that's not what this thread was meant to be.

In the spirit of the thread, I'll say this: all my children are beautiful.
Message: Posted by: Overworked (Dec 22, 2015 03:47PM)
The thread can be what ever it becomes Stoneunhinged. thanks for sharing that.
Message: Posted by: Daryl -the other brother (Dec 22, 2015 04:45PM)
I don't have any children but I have a fantastic god daughter if that counts. As a teenager she was selected to place a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier in D.C., Class President, A -Honor Role student, captain of her track team and came in 1st for her age bracket in the Chicago Triathlon, the first year she tried. She is now in her 4th year at Ohio State under a marines scholarship. She is the platoon leader and the 1st woman to pass the marine's OTCS program in 9 years.
Message: Posted by: S2000magician (Dec 22, 2015 05:20PM)
We have three offspring - they're a bit long in the tooth to be called "kids" any longer

They're intelligent, honest, hard-working, nice, generous people, though completely different from each other.

We couldn't have asked for more.
Message: Posted by: TomBoleware (Dec 22, 2015 07:10PM)
One son, one granddaughter, and one new great granddaughter. Life is good.

Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Dec 22, 2015 10:47PM)
2 great daughters, in college, adopted from Russia. Still remember some people insinuating that we would have significant problems and troubles with them for no other reason that "that's what kids do/are". I'm happy to report that they were quite wrong.

My proof? We get along on long vacation car rides :)
Message: Posted by: Steve_Mollett (Dec 23, 2015 09:47AM)
Okay, here goes:

No kids and proud of it. :)
Message: Posted by: Overworked (Dec 23, 2015 11:00AM)
Okay here goes:

My daughter graduated this May as a musical theater major. After her 6th audition, she was given the lead in a traveling holiday show: Cirque Dreams. She has been on tour for the last 2 months playing all around the united states, in venues such as the beautiful Fox theater in St. Louis, to tiny stages. Last week I flew into Indianapolis and watched her perform to a sold out crowd in a beautiful theater there. It was incredible to hear her fill this huge space and get a standing ovation at the end.

My son, graduated a few years ago as an economics major. I got him an internship making $10 an hour at a startup I knew. Today he is doing his dream job working as a full stack developer making a great 6 figure salary, in fact he is making almost as much as me.

Both are in happy committed relationships. Both are succeeding in their chosen careers. Nothing better. Just waiting for the grandkids to come along.