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Topic: Go Jurassic with Tommy James
Message: Posted by: randyburtis (Jan 11, 2016 04:17PM)
Tommy has a new product out, love it!
This is a variation of his Potty time. Here is the product write up:
Seven minutes of all-out fun and magic with dinosaurs for your kid show!

Display pictures of six different dinosaurs. The children will be quick to let you know that one of the picturesis NOT a dinosaur. It is a PIG. Not just a regular ole' pig.

It is a DANCING PIG and he is even wearing a TUTU!How embarrassing!

Hand a child your "Dinosaur STOP SIGN" to hold.It is a 7" octagon stop sign with a big dinosaur foot in the middle. Begin mixing the cards and instruct

the child to tell you when to stop by holding up the stop sign nice and high. The child holds up the sign and you display the selected choice. Oh no!

It is the DANCING PIG! Discard the pig and try again.

But the dancing pig returns and the kids go wild! You attempt a third time and the dancing pig returns again!

You retrieve the stop sign and hold it high in the air as you explain that the stop sign is not working.

Everytime the stop sign is held in the air, another dancing pig appears. You turn around and now there

is a dancing pig hanging on your back! Pandemonium!(You held the stop sign in the air!)

Remove the pig and discard it for a fourth time. Next you instruct the child to just verbally tell you where to

stop. They stop on the T-Rex. You place the T-Rex into your Jurassic Zoo (a frame in a stand) to see if it can escape. But you must cover the frame to give it some privacy. (nuk nuk) You remove the cloth and, the T-Rex has escaped! But the children are demanding to see under the cloth. You admit the children have caught you and remove the T-Rex from under the cloth and offerto do it again.

Place the dinosaur back into the zoo and cover it. Remove the cloth and . . . the T-Rex has escaped! The children are shouting that its under THERE! You "mis-understand"what they mean by "under there" and pick up the stop sign.

"No, it's not under here!" You realize you've raised the stop sign again. Children demand to see under the cloth and it is the DANCING PIG! Show both sides of the pig and discard it for a fifth time. (Homing card)

You realize the T-Rex has indeed escaped. Instruct the kids that if they see him, do NOT panic, stay calm. You turn around to look for the T-Rex and the kids see him hanging on your back! TOTAL PANDEMONIUM!

This routine has everything you could possibly want for a kid-show magic routine; pack flats and plays big, colorful, participation, suspense and excitement throughout. Use it as an fun educational piece in your school and library shows.

The cards measure 5" by 7" and each picture is colorful and vibrant. The zoo comes off the base for packing.

Complete with dinosaur stop sign and quality satin cloth.
I don't own this yet, BUT the quality of similar effects he has put out that I own is top notch, so I suspect there will be no surprises with this one in that regard.
This looks like a lot of fun and kids LOVE dinosaurs...
Message: Posted by: MoonRazor (Jan 15, 2016 10:02AM)
Love tommy's stuff!
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 15, 2016 07:15PM)
Sounds interesting. Display a video link when one becomes available.
Message: Posted by: TommyJ (Jan 16, 2016 08:02AM)
Thanks for posting this Randy!

This is the SAME routine as my Potty Time and Santa, Skunk, Chimney routine except with dinosaurs.

An added addition is the "Dinosaur Stop Sign" that you hand to a child to hold during the routine so they can raise it in the air, prompting you to stop as the cards are shuffled. The sign comes into play everytime a Dancing Pig appears. I'm having fun with this one!
Message: Posted by: TommyJ (Jan 21, 2016 08:06AM)
So sad. I was able to capture a video at a pre school however when I viewed the video, due to bad lighting, the video was very flat. I was tempted to use it anyway, but I just can't. I will have to try in a different venue. I would like to try to capture it for kids that are 8 and 9 years old so people can see how well it plays for that age group too.

SOOOO funny. When the pig first appears, I say "A DANCING PIG WITH A TUTU????!!!!" Every time the pig appears thereafter, the kids all shout "Dancing pig with a tutu!!!" priceless.

Will post a video when I get a clear one :)
Message: Posted by: TommyJ (Jan 22, 2016 04:12PM)
I was finally allowed to video this routine. Enjoy! (I know I do!)