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Topic: Travel to New york
Message: Posted by: dedikc (Feb 6, 2016 06:49AM)
Hello guys,

I'm a french magician that will travel to NY in may.
I'm searching for a list of show, to meet magician in a bar...or anything related to magic.

Could you show me the direction to find these information?

If a US magician want to speak magic, feel free to contact me.

Write to you soon,

My facebook:

my website:
Message: Posted by: dedikc (Feb 8, 2016 12:47PM)
Here are my promotion vid.

another with IPAD magic:


and some of my coin work:


here you can find my youtube Channel.


If you have some advice to meet some new york magician
Message: Posted by: HerbS (Apr 28, 2016 02:21PM)
Go to this link and scroll down to the "Gatherings" section. All that info is still accurate. You might want to try the Saturday get-together at Café Rustico. It is one block away from Tannen's magic shop, which is also a good place to hang out on Saturday.