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Topic: Expert Coin Magic...No!!!
Message: Posted by: karnage (Mar 6, 2004 04:21AM)
Out of print... :(
Is it just temporary, or will this book be permanently discontinued?

Also, is there anywhere besides out of print books, DVDs etc. I can learn sleights like Tenkai/Goshman Pinch, Subtleties etc.?

Message: Posted by: huggie50 (Mar 6, 2004 04:50AM)
Hang in there!!! I find old out of print books all the time on e-bay. Also, try H&R Books at http://www.magicbookshop.com or Bradbury books at http://www.bradburybooks.com they sometimes have old out of print magic books.
Message: Posted by: Vikke Matikainen (Mar 6, 2004 05:28AM)
There is a DVD series of Expert Coin Magic by David Roth, from there you learn all the basic sleights and subleties. But no T/G Pinch there, for them I recommend Sankey's Revolutionary Coin Magic. He has some _very_ good applications on that pinch.
Message: Posted by: Randy Sager (Mar 6, 2004 02:08PM)
The last time I was in Denny &Lee's shop in Vegas they had a couple of copies so you may want to check with them.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Mar 6, 2004 02:22PM)
The Tenkai pinch can be found in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and is used in Sawa's magic etc.

David Roth is more an exponent of the Deep Backclip. Which has other strengths and weaknesses.
Message: Posted by: TwistedMindMajik (Mar 7, 2004 09:16PM)
I found one on eBay. Just waiting for it to arrive!
Message: Posted by: owen.daniel (Mar 9, 2004 09:22AM)
You can still get new copies from magic books by post:
they have copies of loads of out of print books as well as Expert Coin Magic. The company is based in England though.
Message: Posted by: Chris Thibault (Mar 9, 2004 10:16AM)
Before you go to Ebay, you may want to check around at different magic shops. Give them a call or e-mail them. I have found out of print books this way in the past. They charge the standard price usually too. This way you don't pay through the nose on Ebay.
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Mar 9, 2004 02:46PM)
Jay Saneky's coin video/dvd has a lot of work on the pinch.