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Topic: Hell Bent by Greg Wilson
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Feb 14, 2016 08:19AM)
Description from Penguin Magic:

'Recently, Greg Wilson taught me the way he melts quarters, and I fell in love.. with the trick (sorry Greg!). Seriously though, it's freaking fantastic.. and it's obvious he's done it 1,000 times. Multiple phases, gets everyone involved, and it's clever as hell. Basically everything you'd expect from a perfect Greg Wilson bar trick.

We filmed Greg performing it for real people so you can see how he manages different sized crowds, and then brought him into the studio to teach Nick every step in detail. I gotta say, I was really surprised at how many clever moves he put into this thing. It's just perfect.. and I know I never would have come up with it. It's so Greg. You'll see what I mean.'


Mini review:

This routine is excellent, and so is the instructional video teaching how to make a quarter appear to melt, right under the spectator's nose. Then a second quarter appears to bend right in their closed fist. I like everything about Hell Bent. It's a great effect, easy to learn, easy to perform, and quite amazing. The quarter does indeed appear to melt or bend right before your eyes.

Very pleased with this purchase.
Message: Posted by: MagicBrent (Feb 14, 2016 10:43AM)
I too loved this. I know all the bends and when I first saw the trailer I thought there was nothing new here. However, Greg's handling made this definitely a winner. I recommend it.
Message: Posted by: Sean Giles (Feb 14, 2016 03:11PM)
There's nothing new here. It's standard stuff that people have been doing for years.
Message: Posted by: Xcath1 (Feb 14, 2016 03:29PM)
I have and use the Quantum Bender. Not a big "bender" generally but a signed bent quarter is a signed bent quarter. People remember it and do not throw them away.
I purchased this because it was inexpensive and it's always fun to hear Greg's tips. I have never had the nerve to pull off a trick like this maybe because it seems to simple to me.
I's sure I will give it a try but is anyone "working" this?
Message: Posted by: jackaboy (Feb 14, 2016 03:47PM)
I have xcath its awesome great reactions
Message: Posted by: tophatter (Feb 16, 2016 12:38AM)
It looks good but I love my Energy coins when it comes to a coin bend !
Message: Posted by: jackaboy (Feb 16, 2016 07:43AM)
This is a pretty perfect routine
Message: Posted by: mike donoghue (Feb 17, 2016 04:58AM)
Easy & good routine but it's Greg & anything he does is brilliant.

Seen Mr Wilson lecture loads & he is up there with the best.

Mike Donoghue