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Topic: Tshirt present
Message: Posted by: Flec (Mar 7, 2004 04:44PM)
My best mates birthday present. Going to get her a t-shirt printed.

I wanted something on the front about her, and something on the back about me. She is a big kid, and she wants to be a princess (she is nearly 21 mind you!)

My first thought was; "I am a princess" on the front, and on the back "my best mate is a wizard!"

Something along these lines... someone give me some one liners to use?

Hope I am making sense!

By the way... I wasn't intending on her wearing it out, just like a bed time t-shirt, but the thought counts with her ;)
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Mar 8, 2004 01:36PM)
Maybe a Gwenevere and Merlin type theme? Though they were not lovers or anything, they are still associated with one another.