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Topic: Chinese Color Change
Message: Posted by: funsway (Feb 29, 2016 01:57PM)
While I see advantages to using Chinese coins I have never been impressed with the colored ones as looking a silly props.
But, the Color Changing effect caught my eye as being able to explain the weird colors as being in magic state.

I would not invest $35.00 on a whim and avoid knock-off purchases, but this appears to be made in China regardless of who sells it.
I got one for $10.00 along with some other "never seen offered in USA" effects.

I now recommend it with these alterations.

1) there are better ways of pretending to show sides of a coin than the one offered. At least vary the method between the two showings.

2) being able to pass out the coin at the end works well, and dispels suspicion from the earlier moves.

3) I have a matching brass coin and do a final switch after getting the coin back -- then proceed to a different effect.

4) the edge is milled so that you can do a one-coin routine if desired.

In short, it can be an impressive effect carried in your wallet -- and if you loose it, so what.
Message: Posted by: On The Offbeat (Feb 29, 2016 06:37PM)
Yeah, and at least you're not likely to spend it. :)