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Topic: At The Table - March Line-up...
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Feb 29, 2016 09:59PM)
Hey gang,

Murphy's Magic has just released their lineup for their [b]At The Table Experience March, 2016[/b]. This is going to be a good one with two of magic's most inspiring up-and-comers!

Murphy's Magic Supplies' very own content producer, [b]Chris Ramsay[/b] will be At The Table on [b]March 2nd[/b]. Known for his appearance on [i]Wizard Wars[/i] and his ever growing social media platforms; he is a sleight-of-hand artist who brings his personalized aesthetic style to not only his routines but his branding. This will be his very first ever lecture, so it will surely be overflowing with ideas and effects.

[b]Mark Calabrese[/b] had a smash debut at the [i]At The Table Experience[/i] and is coming back for a second installment on [b]March 16th[/b]. Without a doubt, he is one of the busiest performers in New York today. From trying to [i]Fool Penn & Teller[/i] to consulting for top magicians in the industry. He comes to this [i]AT The Table Experience[/i] with a whole lecture of new material and ideas.

Still not sure about these lectures? Here is what others are saying about them:

[i]"Your 10 bucks a month gets you two lectures per month and you don't even have to take off your jammies. Such a deal."[/i] -[b]Dustin Stinett, Genii Magazine[/b]

[i]"you should expect to see and learn practical, solid, classic, well thought out professional routines with great stories and plots intertwined with the magic created by a great professional magician to be used by professionals in both stage or parlor and close-up settings."[/i] -[b]Michael Siegel, NingThing.com[/b]

[i]"Another winner - it's these kinds of lectures that make a subscription extremely tempting."[/i] -[b]Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine[/b]

[i]"Lots of great magic explained by a very watchable performer."[/i] -[b]Mark Leverage, MagicSeen Magazine[/b]

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