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Topic: World's greatest magic
Message: Posted by: Jonathan (Mar 9, 2004 03:07PM)
I'm looking for a DVD of a great black art stage performance where a hoop was used to make someone disappear along with other things. I think this was in a WGM special. Does anyone know which one and if they are on DVD? Please PM me if you can.


Jonathan Grant
Message: Posted by: knightmagic98 (Mar 9, 2004 03:12PM)
That was on the Hidden Secrets of Magic...Omar Pasha
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 9, 2004 03:17PM)
Check out the section in the Banquet Room that is devoted to Black Art.
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Mar 9, 2004 03:43PM)
Omar Pasha, the performance is available on the Lance Burton DVD which features the program "Hidden Secrets Of Magic".
Message: Posted by: JAEIII (Mar 9, 2004 11:52PM)
I bought this on Amazon.com for less then 20 bucks I believe. Great buy...has 3 television specials on it, including what you are looking for.