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Topic: My Dean Radin materials eliminated from Wikipedia
Message: Posted by: miistermagico (Apr 1, 2016 11:53PM)

Dean Radin played the violin from the age of five, and

worked as a professional classical violinist for five

years.[3] He earned an undergraduate degree in electrical

engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst,

and both a master's degree in electrical engineering and a

doctorate in educational psychology from the University of

Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.[3]

Dean Radin worked at AT&T Bell Labs and GTE Labs, mainly on

human factors of advanced telecommunications products and

services, and then held appointments at Princeton

University, Edinburgh University, University of Nevada, Las

Vegas, SRI International, Interval Research Corporation,

and Boundary Institute. At these facilities he was engaged

in basic research on exceptional human capacities,

principally psi phenomena.[3]

In 1988, 1993, 1998, and 2005 Radin was the elected

President of the Parapsychological Association, an

affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement

of Science. He has published numerous scientific papers,[4]

as well as articles and books written for a popular

audience: The Conscious Universe (1997) and Entangled Minds


The Conscious Universe (1997, HarperCollins) was awarded

Amazon.com's 1998 Category Bestseller Award, the Scientific

and Medical Network 1997 Book Award, and the Anomalist's

1997 Book Award, and as of 2006 it is in its 16th printing.

It has proved to be popular and has been translated into

Turkish, Korean and French, with several other translations

under way. In January, 1998, Nobel Laureate physicist Brian

Josephson wrote in the, The Guardian: "If asked to nominate

the most significant scientific event of 1997, I would cite

the publication of this book." Entangled Minds is being

translated into Romanian, Portuguese and Japanese (as of

December 2006). Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis has added

Entangled Minds to his list of recommended books on his

website.[6] Radin's books have drawn mixed reviews.[7][8]



Radin has conducted parapsychological research in several

areas, drawing the personal conclusion that psychic

phenomena exist. However, Radin's research has failed to

capture the attention of mainstream science and the

scientific community as a whole, who support mainstream

models incompatible with, and often contradictory to,

Radin's conclusions: Some of this research includes:

Random number generators and world events: Events which

capture the attention of many people may affect random

number generators.[11] Other publications report analytical

studies on how lunar cycles may affect psi and winning at

one gambling casino. Winnings on slot machines rise 2%

during a full-moon.[12]

Presentiment experiments: Experimental tests of

presentiment effects in the autonomic and central nervous


Intention research: Radin's research concluded that

intentionally enhanced chocolate significantly decreases

stress, increases calmness, and lessens fatigue in those

who eat it. [7][13] "If the Pope blessed water, everyone

wants the water. But does it actually do something?" Radin

asks. "The answer is yes, to a small extent."[14]

Remote healing: Subjects constructed clay dolls of

themselves. His research showed that the subjects' blood

and nerve activity increases when a "healer" 100 yards (91

m) away massaged the dolls.[15]Radin also tested Umbanda

mediums in Brazil, who attempted to send healing thoughts

to American subjects at UNLV. These healing thoughts were

not only sent to specific individuals but also back in

Psychokinesis: In 2000 Radin attended a spoon bending

party. To his surprise the spoon he was holding started to

bend. The bowl momentarily felt like putty. Using one

finger and thumb he easily pinched the end of the bowl

over, nearly bending the bowl to half its length. Dean had

decided in advance that the only bend he might find

interesting would be of the bowl of a spoon, because to do

this without tools and/or leverage is beyond the capability

of most people, including himself. The silver-plated soup

spoon he held bent as he had previously desired.

Kinesiology: Radin ran double-blind and triple-blind trials

with 58 adults using vials of sugar and sand and a

dynamometer, which measures a hand's grip strength. The

results seemed to show that people's muscle strength

decreased significantly when they held vials of sugar.[18]

Robotics: Subjects attempt to manipulate a robotic arm to

pick up an M & M. Unobserved, the robotic arm can complete

the job in 25 steps. With a human's mental attention to the

task, the job can be done in two steps.[19]

Psychics: "The best psychic averages about 3 in 10, like

the best baseball hitters .300," says Radin, "the rest of

us bat about 1 or 2 in 10." [20] According to Ed May,

remote viewers in the Stargate Project were wrong 80

percent of the time and correct 20 percent of the time.

Radin wrote that the probable reality of remote viewing was

scientifically established by the US government's Stargate

Remote viewing and future machines: While Dean Radin was at

the Conscious Research Laboratory, University of Nevada,

Las Vegas he worked with remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle.

Radin conceptualized a future machine that as yet did not

exist. McMoneagle used his remote viewing into the future

in an effort to obtain information concerning this machine

to produce patentable ideas.[22]

Historical: About the famous Indian rope trick Radin,

says," There are all these classic cases of the fakirs

throwing the rope in the air and the little boy climbs up

to the top and disappears and all kinds of magical things

happen. All the Easterners see it and will swear up and

down that they saw it, whereas the Westerners see nothing.

They were watching the fakir just stand there with his arms

folded and the little boy standing there and the rope is on

the ground and nothing happened." Radin's explanation is

the fakir "melted minds."[23]In a lecture to the New York

Theosophy Society, Secret Doctrine Class, Radin stated

Eastern yogis could see into the past, present and future,

read another person's mind, and levitate. Radin asked his

audience,"What do they know that we don't know?" [24] Radin

also has a positive interest in using remote viewing for

psychic archaeology, his preferred name now being

"intuitive archaeology."[25][26]

I consider myself a historical puzzler, not a skeptic
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Seems to be there now.
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It likely will be. But not as expected.
I found this delightful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtW6o9i1yWY a lecture on the future by Michio Kaku.