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Topic: Trilogy by Chris Matthewson
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Apr 5, 2016 11:15AM)
Although this material has been available for several years, it has been kept and used by a select few. It was only after the recommendation of a Café member that I discovered Trilogy and Chris Matthewson has now decided to make the release more widely known.

As the collective title suggests, Trilogy consists of three works; The Thought Reader's Secret Weapon (an excellent and extensive introduction), The Sub Rosa Book Test (which includes many ways to use and gimmick books) and Little Nicky and Other Oddities (detailing a fortune reading device together with a good mix of other ideas and routines.) All well written, these books explore and extend the Steam principle. The ideas and usages are extraordinary and it is little wonder Chris was keen to keep the material something of a secret. This is powerful, miracle-making stuff!

The principle is also shown in many guises and how it can be employed (and housed) in different ways. Also Chris gives information on the best material to use and, even though familiar with the principle, I found this a real eye-opener, including in alerting me to commonly available pens I had not previously considered.

Not only are the books crammed with ideas and effects but Chris also emails updates and tips, so furthering this already extensive work.

If you want to take your mentalism to a new level, to further explore the principle and its potential or be inspired to create your own miracles, this is a must buy and investment.

I rank this among the best material on mentalism I have read - and I have read a lot - and unreservedly recommend.

Further information can be obtained by sending a PM to chrismatt.

Message: Posted by: Taterini (Apr 5, 2016 12:58PM)

The material Chris offers is well written, full of ideas and tips and the email updates and tips are another perk with the purchase of the material.
You can contact him by email here chrismattx@gmail.com
Message: Posted by: m.o.pfeil (Apr 8, 2016 03:15AM)
Now I am not only intrigued. Hope to find the books!
Message: Posted by: DrRob (Apr 8, 2016 03:42AM)
Sounds very interesting Neil I will have to drop Chris a PM !

Message: Posted by: Dark Knight (Aug 19, 2016 03:35PM)
I recommended this brilliant material years ago. Chris recently sent original purchasers extensive email updates and tips free of charge, which I've found incredibly useful! This work is one of the best kept secrets in all of mentalism!

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