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Topic: This is Not A Box by Ben Earl
Message: Posted by: ash2arani (Apr 12, 2016 04:49PM)
I thought I create a separate thread for this new release.

Did anyone receive it? Any thoughts?
Message: Posted by: Aaron Smith (Apr 13, 2016 08:52AM)
Not received my copy yet.
Message: Posted by: Aaron Smith (May 4, 2016 10:20AM)
Anybody received this yet?
Message: Posted by: ash2arani (May 4, 2016 05:20PM)
Still waiting... They should have arrived by now.
Message: Posted by: snape (May 4, 2016 11:40PM)
It did - mine arrived last week.
Message: Posted by: Aaron Smith (May 5, 2016 03:46AM)
[quote]On May 5, 2016, snape wrote:
It did - mine arrived last week. [/quote]
That's strange. Usually mine is one of the first to arrive.
Message: Posted by: Newb2 (May 6, 2016 08:21AM)
Received in NY yesterday
Message: Posted by: Newb2 (May 24, 2016 08:19AM)
For those interested, Ben's new website (can purchase older manuscripts as well)

Message: Posted by: Psy (Aug 22, 2017 02:43PM)
Any reviews of the material?
Message: Posted by: Magic-Daniel (Aug 24, 2017 03:13PM)
Been a big fan of Ben for many years. Even more so after attending 3 of his workshops during the last 12 months.

His material is (imo) so far ahead of 99.9% of other material out there.

Get these notes and everything else from this genius
Message: Posted by: SleepyMagic (Sep 7, 2017 03:41PM)
Anymore reviews for this?