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Topic: New Illusion
Message: Posted by: jcmagicman (Apr 17, 2016 10:52PM)
Do you perform at a beach resort or looking to get your foot in the door? If you are looking for something different, then this would be a good illusion. All that is missing is your hot assistant dressed in a red bathing suit.

Have a look at the promo video..

Message: Posted by: Dr. Delusion (Apr 20, 2016 08:49PM)
Pretty cool. Wish I could afford it.
Message: Posted by: de rome (Apr 28, 2016 10:46AM)
Didn't say the price, anyone know what it is.
to me was a little noisy, but music would mask that
Message: Posted by: jcmagicman (May 1, 2016 05:03PM)
De rome its $4,500 for the Appearing Sailboat illusion.
Message: Posted by: Mindipulator (May 8, 2016 01:35AM)
Oh the fun I could have with this. Probably not great for walk around though. Don't think my seamstress could pull off a pocket large enough. Pity.