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Topic: The Genie of the Lamp
Message: Posted by: ProfessorMagicJMG (Apr 20, 2016 09:10PM)
This is an idea I have been toying with that I have not seen anywhere and I wanted to document it and get feedback and share it all at once. I will present it in the form most appropriate for this forum.

"Once upon a time there was a prop called Vapr by Will Tsai. Along came a Storyteller, who picked it up and placed it inside a plastic toy model of Aladdin's lamp. Some time later, in the company of a group of children, he handed one of them the lamp and invited the child to polish it with a cloth...at which point smoke from the Vapr unit fixed inside began to billow out of the spout. It was then the Storyteller began to spin an old tale, oh best Beloved, that suddenly took on a very new life..."

Were you that Storyteller? Ah....better to ask, will you be?
Message: Posted by: ProfessorMagicJMG (May 10, 2016 01:48PM)
Okay, I guess I wasn't "normal" enough with this post. I am very disappointed that this got no response at all. I thought it was a good idea, and worth sharing. I also thought it would be clever/appropriate to present it as a story. Is it just me? I mean, how can this post get 84 views and no comments?

My specific questions are:
1 - Have you done anything like this?
2 - is this a good enough idea to pursue
3 - What similar ideas do you have to presenting Genie of the Lamp stories/effects?

I guess I am seriously misreading the audience of this forum if this kind of thing is just not interesting enough to discuss.
Message: Posted by: Silvertongue (May 10, 2016 04:25PM)
I bought a lamp once from the magic castle swap meet that did something similar although it allows you to release any colored smoke you like. It was very messy and released a massive amount of smoke which was thick and staining. Needless to say I never used it but for fun then I broke it and it awaits fixing. I would say many people here don't have the effect you mention but agree that it would look very nice and you could even do some priming with suggestion so that the kids see the genie in the smoke. I also think it would look much better emitting forth from a real old lamp that you can get cheaply online.
Message: Posted by: friend2cptsolo (May 13, 2016 12:18PM)
I actually like this forum. I like to come in and see if anyone is working on story lines or story related magic, very fun stuff. It gets my creativity up and helps with things I have been working on.

I like your idea. I have never messed around with vapr, I have seen things that need more hook up and are not self contained units to work like what you saying. So this could be a really neat thing.
How much smoke is produced? can this be done indoors without billows of smoke lingering or weird smells.

can you do anything else, like other effects with the lamp?
would it fit in the overall theme of the whole story?
Message: Posted by: Peckham (Jun 25, 2016 05:56AM)
Neat idea, I was toying with purchasing this to try and use with a rattle box and use the smoke as a physical manifestation of a ghost to use in another effect.
Message: Posted by: Yogi2x4 (Sep 6, 2016 12:42AM)
I enjoyed the spirit of the first post. The plot is great!