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Topic: Book Advice...
Message: Posted by: Free_Mind690 (Mar 13, 2004 10:15PM)
I have recently been able to locate these books:

Smoke and Mirrors (Bannon)
Totally Out of Control (Kenner)
Imposibillia (Bannon)
At the Card Table (Ortiz)
Secrets of Bro. John Hamman

Comments, recomendations? Other material I might be intrested in? Anything would be great thanks! :)
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Mar 13, 2004 10:29PM)
Locate? Study? Let's presume you have finished your studies of Royal Road to Card Magic and Expert Card Technique. Not an 'Expert at the Card Table' fan? That's okay.

If you are already passed the trendy rechaffe stuff, how about going back to Hofzinser?
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Mar 13, 2004 10:41PM)
The two that I am familiar with on the list are The Secrets of Bro. John Hamman and Totally Out of Control.
I think Bro. John Hamman had some incredibly powerful effects with very elegant solutions to each effect. I am not really a big fan of Totally Out of Control on the other hand. There are some good things in that book but the Bro. Hamman book is far superior.


Dorian Rhodell
Message: Posted by: roya (Mar 13, 2004 10:44PM)
You can find a LOT of information about all those books on this forum. Just use the search page.
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Mar 14, 2004 02:38AM)
On 2004-03-13 23:15, Free_Mind690 wrote:
I have recently been able to locate these books:

Smoke and Mirrors (Bannon)
Totally Out of Control (Kenner)
Imposibillia (Bannon)
At the Card Table (Ortiz)
Secrets of Bro. John Hamman

Comments, recomendations? Other material I might be intrested in? Anything would be great thanks! :)

Great list of books! Many, many usefull ideas and effect's. Few are hard to come by today, and some are easier to find.
Let me add other good books worth reading:
Revolutionary Card Techhnique (Marlo)
Enchantments (James)
Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver (Kaufman)
Derek Dingle's Complete Works (Kaufman)
The Feints and Temps of Harry Reiser (Brown)
The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings (Maxwell)
Try the Impossible (Aronson)
Same thing goes for this bunch as stated above, some of them can be hard to get by, but they are woth looking for.

Message: Posted by: Paul (Mar 14, 2004 03:47AM)
Book advice...
You picked up some good books.
My advice is to study and learn from these before considering buying any more. Your favourites from these may suggest the direction of future purchases anyway.

Message: Posted by: Steve James (Mar 14, 2004 04:47AM)
"The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley" Volumes 1 & 2.
Written By Stephen Minch from L&L.
These two are Mandatory!
Message: Posted by: David (Mar 14, 2004 07:05AM)
The two John Bannon books represent a varied selection of close up material , some reasonably challenging , some quite simple, featuring cards , coins , chop cup etc. . The Kenner book is as varied,a little more advanced and possibly harder to follow.I think of the above three I would reccomend 'Impossibilia'.
The Secrets of Brother John Hammon is an absolute delight for any card worker. Wonderful presentations , and each routine ,when thoroughly rehearsed , ( particularly in presentation),represents a real nugget in any close up act .
At the Card Table is a must. Serious card work at it's best.
If you have not already purchased these books, and are at an intermediate stage in your magical studies, I would recommend , in the following order :
2.The Secrets of Brother John Hammon
3.At the Card Table
These three books highlight very different performing styles,and I believe are as much as is required to advance your card work in particular,and to 'find' your own style that you feel at home with.
I have listed the books in an order whereby you can progress in ability .But do remember that each of these three books will take serious study,try not to fall into the trap of having so much material you focus on nothing.
( At the Card Table for example ,you could study for years ,and still find something new in it .)
Hope this is of assistance.


Message: Posted by: budionodarmawan (Mar 14, 2004 11:19AM)
Ortiz Books.( find a routines)
Kenton Wonders.( stronger your routine )
Message: Posted by: Joe S. (Mar 14, 2004 01:50PM)
Great list... wish I had all of those.

Free Mind, I don't know how long you've been doing this, so forgive me if you've already done this:

I think it might be time for you to read, study, and think long and hard on a book about the theory and practice of magic, rather than another collection of effects.

You already have so many great effects up there, why not make the ones you do even better?

Oh yeah... a good author for that is Eugene Burger. Try The Performance of Close-Up Magic.
Message: Posted by: T. Joseph O'Malley (Mar 14, 2004 02:51PM)
Curious, where did you purchase Secrets of Brother John Hamman???
Message: Posted by: Ryan 101 (Mar 16, 2004 09:18PM)
I would have to suggest The Royal Rode to Card Magic because it is simply the best magic book ever made.
Message: Posted by: David Eichler (Mar 20, 2004 11:06PM)
I purchased a new copy of The Secrets of Brother John Hamman a handful of years ago at Stevens Magic in Wichita, Kansas.
Message: Posted by: Mikey-Flys (Mar 20, 2004 11:33PM)
At the card table is a good mix of "magic" and "gambling" effects. Some of them are fairly simple and others are quite technical. I've just recently started working through this book and really like it so far.